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Cool take on the existing car dodge game. It kindof reminds me of Crossy Road except from the perspective of the car.

Here's my feedback:
- The menu is really cool and unique, I like how you take advantage of the 3D aspect of the game.
- The gameplay looks really smooth.
- I like the crash animation at the end.

- There could be more visual elements on the side of the road like trees, bushes, parked cars, maybe even some animals.
- You could probably take some color queues from Crossy Road or other similar colorful 3D voxel games.

8 years ago

From the start, I think the first "Semag Studio" screen is a bit useless and doesn't really provide any value to the user.

A lot of the text is hard to read, I feel like the game was made for a tablet. Some examples of hard to read text: the "Daily Challenge" button on the main menu, almost all the text on the Store menu.

I think I may have found a bug. After the first time that I lost, I received the option to spin, I tapped the "Spin!" button, the little arm started spinning and then the game quit to my home screen. Just for debugging purposes, I'm on a Galaxy S5. The spinning worked fine the second time I started the game.

Some other random thoughts I had while playing:
- I really like that I was able to start playing directly from the start menu, just had to swipe up. It felt pretty intuitive.
- I love the "old timey" atmosphere you've got going, it gives the game a very polished feel.
- I think you've got the physics of the wheel spot on, nice job on that!
- The camera spin that occurs after you loose feels really fast.

8 years ago

Hey, when I go to the download page, it asks me to join as a tester and then I get an error saying "We're sorry, the requested URL was not found on this server." Was your game removed from the Play Store?

8 years ago

Got it to download now! So back to the roast.

The controls were pretty intuitive. At first I was rowing one paddle at a time but then after watching the other players I realized I needed to row both at the same time. It took me about 5 games until I was able to keep up with the other rowers. But even in the "Easy" mode, I was not able to reach first place after playing 10+ games. This was pretty frustrating.

I think the biggest problem is the repetitiveness of the game. Maybe you could add waves to the ocean or obstacles that the user would need to avoid by rowing one paddle.

8 years ago

Love the name of your game, simple and really memorable.

The font in the chat bubbles is really small and I couldn't maximize the window making it difficult to read the text. Also, when chatting, it would be great if pressing the spacebar would just show the entire text, I really hate it when games make you wait for the all the text to show up.

As far as graphics go, the only ones that look out of place are the UI graphics in the top left. The font and colors are generic and plain. For the progress bars, you could add a pixel gradient to give them more detail.

I don't know if this was intended but if you spam the Spacebar while standing in front of an enemy, it doesn't deal damage to the enemy. Also, I randomly died at the very beginning of a level, I think it was because I was on low health an an enemy spawned directly on top of me.

Overall, great game, I hope you'll post regular updates.

8 years ago

Fun game! I really liked the little spin move that was required to get away from the police, it requires just the right amount of timing and arrow-pressing skills.

The most frustrating thing was the controls. It looks like there is some 'radius' arround which the character turns so you can't turn to exactly where you want. I kept missing the drugs on the first try because I had the cops on my tail and couldn't turn as quickly as I wanted. This may have been your intention to make the game more difficult but I found it annoying.

It feels kind of weird that there are so many cops, how about police cars that can only follow you on the road and pedestrians that can also catch you but they have a much smaller sight distance?

Also, the pointer arrow seems to clip into the buildings, you could probably solve this by putting the arrow in a separate place in the map and having a second overlay camera that renders the UI elements.

8 years ago

Hey, the game completely freezes my computer when I press R to restart the level, I had to hold down the power button to restart my computer. And I was able to produce the issue twice. I was playing using the Unity Web Player on OS X using Firefox.

8 years ago
Game Graphics

I don't have a PC so I'm just going by the video and the screenshots. I think the jump noise is pretty annoying, especially when the user presses it multiple times in a row. You could change it to something else or maybe make it quieter.

I think the particle trail behind the character is pointless, it looks like a sparkly tail. Otherwise, I really like your pixel-art.

The parallax effect on the background is too fast. Parallax movement should be slower than the foreground movement.

8 years ago

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