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The Quest for Instant Noodles

"The Quest for Instant Noodles" is an action RPG about someone desperate for an unlimited supply of instant noodles. The game is now fully complete! If you feel like it, check out my page:


Plucklings is a randomly generated, top-down strategy game inspired by the 'Pikmin' series. You gather your plucklings, attack hostile wildlife and let them carry the remains back to your base. Beat the game by collecting all the lost ship parts around the map.The game is still in development and will be released after I've gotten some more feedback, removed the bugs and maybe added some more features.Here are the controls (in case you weren't able to figure them out for yourself):WASD - Movement LMB - Select plucklings RMB - Grab and throw plucklings SPACE - Control you plucklings E - Pluck buried plucklings Q - Save the game close to the spaceship R - End the game (if you have all of the ship parts and stand close to the spaceship, that is) T - Skip to the next day (if the time is between 9 pm and 6 am while standing close to the spaceship) If your oxygen meter is at 0, you'll start to lose health. Increase it by carrying dead organisms around the map back to your ship....And here's a link: free to comment on whatever you come across while playing. Cheers!

Story/Writing/Dialogue Controls

I found the production value in this game suprisingly high. There was voice acting, mid dogfight conversations and a theme song, a freaking theme song (and it was so cheesy it's good!). The music was alright from what I played. It was just the theme song without the lyrics, but it sort of fit the mood. But that all went down the drain when you actually started playing, and you tried to move the spaceship. I'm sorry to say, but I found the controls terrible. You'd think you'd move the direction the ship is facing by pressing W and move left or right depending on if you press A or D respectively. But no, you moved up by pressing W, left by pressing A, right by pressing D, and so on. But that was not all. The speed in which the spaceship moved was inconsistent and was really frustrating. You moved in the direction in which the spaceship was facing by pressing space, so I thought it'd possible to do so, which just makes it more frustrating.

Here's how I would've do it. You moved in the direction the ship is facing by pressing W and move left or right of the spaceship depending on if you press A or D respectively and you move backwards by pressing S. The spacebar could've been a sort of thruster mechanic, where you'd move a little further in the direction you´re moving. I don't now if this only annoyed me, but I felt like it could be worked on.
Otherwise, great stuff!

6 years ago

Also, what I mean by "story/ writing/dialogue" is the voice acting, music and production value in general.

6 years ago

Hey, thanks for the roast! Most of the issues you mentioned shouldn't take to much time to fix, so that's good. I shouldn't jinx myself though... I actually forgot to fix the spacebar spam bug before posting the game on here, so whoops. I didn't think of posting regular updates, so thanks for bringing that up. I'll for sure post a few updates over the spawn of a couple of weeks. Again, thanks for your feedback. My self confidence as definitely gone up because of it, haha!

6 years ago

Hey, thanks for the roast! I'll work on the balancing so it's easier to get into, and technically the bats are weaker since they have less health but higher speed... But I understand what you mean.

6 years ago

Hey, thanks for the roast! I've changed the font to something that fits more and assigning another key for interacting should only take about five minutes, so... horray! I'll look into balancing the game more to make it more accesible for the player and I'll look into glitch and try to fix it. Again thanks for playing and criticizing!

6 years ago

Thank you for playing and critiquing my game! My main goal for this project was originally to adapt the first pikmin game to a 2D view (not only because I thought it'd be a fair challange but also because I really enjoy playing the pikmin games), so I'm glad I managed to adapt it properly. I currently in the working on squashing the last bugs I can find, which of course makes your playing experience ever so helpful, but I'm slightly confused regarding the two last bugs you mentioned. Would you care to elaborate on how the bug appeared and how it affected the gameplay.

Thank you!

6 years ago

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