Sunday Driver


Sunday Driver is a game about avoiding traffic on a busy highway.    The controls are simple: swipe left and right to dodge the oncoming cars and other obstacles! Collect coins to buy new and exciting cars from the store! How long can you survive in this traffic madness?

  • Added sound effects
  • Added weather effects
  • Added new vehicles to unlock
  • General bug fixes


gniriki 7 years ago

Mechanics Animation
The tap controls are way better than sliding, but the buttons should be more forgiving- it's easy to miss them. Maybe make whole columns clickable.

The cars could you some more interesting animations like swerving etc.

sebit0nic 7 years ago

Thanks for checking it out!

About the controls, I started out with the sliding controls but after some time, I noticed that it would be easier to just have tap controls. I still wanted the player to have a choice though, so I left the swipe controls in. I agree though that the buttons are too small, will fix that soon.

You're also right on the cars and obstacles: they are a little bit bland right now without animations. Will definitely look into that too.

Thanks again for your feedback!

Bonc2games 7 years ago

Level Design Game Graphics
Nice little game. Question though, is the shop implemented?

Game Play Stuff:
I like the multi-lane aspect, adds another dimension.
Controls are good, although i agree with gniriki - when you choose Tap controls you could just make the entire left/right side of the screen a 'button, I missed the button a couple of times!
I would love to see some variation on the speed the NPC cars travel at (although makes it much harder to get them to avoid crashing into each other!).
Also some power-ups maybe? speed boost/invincibility/jumps etc

Graphics are nice and simple, perfect for the style of the game. Couple of small things with the graphics:
When the rain comes maybe the cars could have lights?
The oil puddle and the rocks look very similar in the dark!
Are the shadows just a child object of the cars? They could be a little closer to the cars as I think the cars look a bit like they are floating. Also, when the car spins on the oil or crashes the shadow should still stay at the bottom right

Nice work though, and I enjoyed your blog - I love to see how a game develops over time

sebit0nic 7 years ago

Thanks so much for trying my game out. Really means a lot to me!

About the shop: you're right, in this version of the game, the shop is not implemented yet, but it will be in the next version! The size of the button has also been fixed in the newest version that I will upload in a few days!

Different speeds for the NPC cars could be interesting and I had it in the game for a short period of time but, as you said, it's very hard to prevent the cars from crashing into each other. Maybe I'll make that a feature later on so that other cars on the road can crash into each other and the player has to avoid that crash. Could be an interesting mechanic.

Your suggestion on the shadow is also very helpful! I will definitely look into fixing that soon! Car lights would also be a nice addition. Maybe I could even implement a day and night cycle with that!

Again, thanks so much for playing the game, it really gave me some insight on what to improve next!

Bonc2games 7 years ago

Just played the updated version. I like the store, and already some nice alternative cars in there. Not sure if you have adjusted the difficulty/spawning of NPC's / Obstacles, but it seemed to play a bit better too. The UI for the buttons is better size as well.
Not sure if its intentional, but the NPC's get stuck behind the boulders...would have expected them to either try and avoid them, or crash into them.
Nice to see some progressive updates - keep up the good work!


screaminggoatstudios 7 years ago

Game Graphics Game Graphics
Firstly I'd like to say ignore the thumbs down for Game Graphics, I haven't been able to actually play the game so I couldn't really say anything about the other sections!

I'm curious as to if you'll be porting this over to iOS any time soon? I really like the look of this game (always liked low poly count games) and I'd love to try it! It reminds me a lot of that crazy taxi game that was on Facebook and Bebo years ago!

sebit0nic 7 years ago

Hey there, I'm glad you like the visuals of my game!
In regards to your question about iOS support, I've never really considered porting the game to the iPhone. But if there's demand for it, I will definitely give it a shot!

screaminggoatstudios 7 years ago

What have you been developing with? I use Unity and its incredibly easy to port your games to different devices. The only thing you'd really need to consider is if you're willing to invest in an Apple Developer Account!

sebit0nic 7 years ago

Yeah, I'm developing with Unity too, but if I would develope anything for iOS I would also want to test it on an iPhone or iPad...which I don't have unfortunately.

screaminggoatstudios 7 years ago

To be honest it would be like developing for android but you don't need to take into consideration programming in some access to the back button. That's the problem I have since I don't have an android haha! But going with android, at least you won't need to put up with the massive headache that is Xcode. I swear I spend more time trying to get that piece of garbage to work than the game itself!

sebit0nic 7 years ago

I get that, but it's more a question of money. I don't want to spend money on an iOS device right now as they are expensive as hell. Simple as that.

screaminggoatstudios 7 years ago

What have you been developing with? I use Unity and its incredibly easy to port your games to different devices. The only thing you'd really need to consider is if you're willing to invest in an Apple Developer Account!

LUPA 7 years ago

Game Graphics Tutorial/Learning Curve
I like it! I've installed it just for trying, and I've been playing 30 minutes without stop... Great work! Simple, but addictive. I've always end with the feeling that I can reach a little further on the next game.

I needed a couple of games to "take the point" of the control: Firstly I thought I need to tap on the lane I want to move to, but eventually I discovered I just need to swipe... Maybe a text like "Swipe to change your lane" could be helpfull.

Anyway: Great game :-) It will stay on my phone for a long time, I'm afraid :-)

sebit0nic 7 years ago

Thank you so much for trying out my game! It's great to hear that you seem to like the game very much! In regards to the tutorial: I tried to explain the mechanics with images, but as you mentioned, I should probably add some sort of tutorial text to make it even more clear on what to do. Thank you for your input on that, I will definitely try to add that to the game!

sourabhkatkar3733 6 years ago

Nice Game!!!

Liked to Play!!!

Need to work on Animation

BluePixelStarz 5 years ago

Game Graphics UI Graphics
I couldn't play it, but the game looks great! The graphics are nice and simple, and it looks like a nice little game. The UI looks like it may need some work, due to the sudden change of vehicle on the select screen in the trailer. This looks great, and if I had any android devices in working condition, I would probably put this game on!

StepUpGamer 5 years ago

Controls Story/Writing/Dialogue
controls are good but animation addition is very low, add some animations and rewards

budiDev 5 years ago

Physics Animation
it would be great if you add more animations.

Spagetticoder 1 year ago

Game Graphics Game Graphics
All in all I like the game, It´s simple but nice to play.

However, about things that could be improved (Here comes the roast):
- Even if the grafix is very basic, it could be improved a lot to support the game more.
- Specially the cars are way to lowpoly. Comeon, do you have to pay money for each single polygon :D
- Not sure If I could stand the music for very long
- I´m not sure about the long term fun here, but I can only suggest to make the game as changeable as possible.
- Nice title btw, sounds german somehow :D

Nice work, keep it up!

RoastMaster 5 months ago

Oh boy, another game about dodging traffic on a highway. How original. I guess for those who have nothing better to do, swiping left and right to avoid cars might seem like a thrilling experience. But let's be real here, this game sounds like a cheap mobile game that you play to kill time while waiting in line at the DMV. And collecting coins to buy new cars? Come on, that's just a lazy attempt at adding some sense of progression to the game. I wouldn't be caught dead playing this game.
(This is just a roast, I'm sorry for any offence)
Roast Em

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