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Sunday Driver

Sunday Driver is a game about avoiding traffic on a busy highway.    The controls are simple: swipe left and right to dodge the oncoming cars and other obstacles! Collect coins to buy new and exciting cars from the store! How long can you survive in this traffic madness?

Snake Planet

Collect all the fruit, slither around, and avoid your own tail! That's the classic gameplay of Snake Planet. But there is a twist: there is only a tiny planet to navigate around! Make every move count as you wind your way through the blockages you have created!Your hard earned fruit can be spent in the shop to buy new hats, styles, and powerups that can be used to make your life easier, like the invinciblity powerup that lets you catch a breath in a stressful moment, the magnet powerup that attracts fruit from afar, or the thin powerup to make your snake tiny and easier to navigate.Google Play leaderboards and achievements round off the experience so that Snake Planet can be enjoyed for many hours. Play now!

Mechanics UI Graphics

Actually quite an addictive game. The core gameplay mechanic works as intended and is quite fun, especially because the colors seem to blend more and more into each other over time making the game harder, so good job on that!

I just found that the minimalistic look you were going for doesn't quite work everywhere in your game. The main game screen looks fine, but the title screen and some of the (sub-)menus have some weird/inconsistent looking menu items (like the Google Play Logo (blurry) and Sound Button on the options screen).

I also think that you shouldn't force Google Play Login when you start up the app as a lot of people hate to do that. Maybe just do that when the highscore button is pressed or something like that.

Last, but not least, the soundeffects (well, the soundeffect) you are using can get monotone quite quickly, so maybe change the pitch of the sound piece on every press or use multiple sound effects for the button press.

Overall, your game sure could use some work (like every game does!) but I thought it was quite enjoyable and actually addictive for what it was, so keep doing what you're doing!

7 years ago
Game Graphics Mechanics

Not a huge Shoot-Em-Up fan, but your game is actually quite good! Solid mechanics, fluid controls, I like it!

The visuals of your game are my favourite part though. Very consistent style with some cool details here and there. But I do think that the projectiles that the enemies are firing are quite hard to see on the star filled back- and foreground. The projectiles of the player are quite conspicous, so maybe make the enemies bullets pop more.

I also think your game misses some basic highscore tracking because as of right now, there is no reason to shoot anything if I don't get points for doing that. A UI for the score and a highscore text at the end of the game would be great. Another thing I found a little bit offputting was how loud your soundeffects are. It just blared out of my speakers when I first started it up so maybe set the master volume a bit lower.

Also, your game crashed on me when I got a game over, so I'm not sure if that's just how you programmed that or if that's a problem. I don't know.

All in all though, I had a good time with how well your game worked and how it looked. Keep up the good work!

7 years ago

Hey. Just started using this site. Pretty cool to say the least!

Just thought to give a quick suggestion though:
Maybe add a "Sound Effects/Music" listing to the "Favorite aspect/Needs most work" section as I definitely think that music and sound effects play a big role in videogames.

If that could be addded, I'd be a happy man.

7 years ago
Mechanics Level Design

Just my two cents:

Very fun mechanics actually! Your tutorial explained the gameplay quite well and I immediately figured out what to do. There's a lot that could be done with this idea!
The visuals are also very nice and consistent so good job on that part as well.

What I didn't quite understand is the fact that "Quick Game" and "Single Player" are the exact same thing I think? Maybe you'll add some kind of story or something to the game later on but for now, that confused me a bit.
Also, as someone else mentioned above, there isn't much replay value as of right now. It just misses that special "something" you know? Maybe add obstacles or some kind of power up system?

But overall, I enjoyed playing it for a few minutes.

7 years ago
Mechanics Tutorial/Learning Curve

Cool idea actually!

I really enjoyed it more than I thought it would. The mechanics work quite well for the most part and make sense, although I didn't quite understand when or why I just won a level. Also, if I set down a sign on the same tile as one of the bunnies, I feel like the bunny should change the direction and not keep going.

Also, your game ramps up it's difficulty quite fast with so many bunnies running around at any given time it can be quite confusing. Maybe ease in the difficulty better and start with a maximum of three bunnies at a time and then gradually introduce more bunnies as it goes.

My recommendation: keep doing what you're doing because this could be a lot of fun!

7 years ago
Game Graphics Controls

I think this could be a good game, but there a few problems with it.

The controls feel very stiff. The player character takes way too long to get to full tempo and also takes too long to stop which means I'm always running into enemies because I couldn't stop in time. You also have almost no control in the air which makes it even more frustrating. The hitbox of the player is also way too large and it just feels unfair when you die.

I kind of like the music in the background, though I think it shouldn't start from the beginning every time you die.

I really do love the visuals of your game though which made me download the game in the first place. So again, if you fix some of the problems with the controls, this could be something cool.

7 years ago

Glad to hear it!
I really hope this turns into an awesome game.

7 years ago

Thanks for checking it out!

About the controls, I started out with the sliding controls but after some time, I noticed that it would be easier to just have tap controls. I still wanted the player to have a choice though, so I left the swipe controls in. I agree though that the buttons are too small, will fix that soon.

You're also right on the cars and obstacles: they are a little bit bland right now without animations. Will definitely look into that too.

Thanks again for your feedback!

7 years ago
Game Graphics Mechanics

Your game looks aesthetically very good! A nice, clean style, and the option to change the whole color scheme of the game is also very awesome! The UI is another part I really like, very responsive and easy to understand. Just how it should be!

The game mechanics are quite interesting and actually quite well implemented, but I think there is a lot more that could be done with it. The only thing that changes over time is the speed at which the shapes are falling down and the black shapes, but I think you could mix it up with opening up more than three lanes as the game progresses or some other obstacles. I think it just needs something else to make it feel different in the long run. (Then again, my highest score was 40 something so I'm not sure if there is something new after this)

Also, I'm not sure if this is a bug or not, but every time I restarted the app, the game always showed the tutorial text when I first pressed start and I automatically got 100 diamonds. Kind of makes it useless to watch ads to get diamonds.

I still had a good time with your game though overall, so thanks for that!

7 years ago

Thanks so much for trying my game out. Really means a lot to me!

About the shop: you're right, in this version of the game, the shop is not implemented yet, but it will be in the next version! The size of the button has also been fixed in the newest version that I will upload in a few days!

Different speeds for the NPC cars could be interesting and I had it in the game for a short period of time but, as you said, it's very hard to prevent the cars from crashing into each other. Maybe I'll make that a feature later on so that other cars on the road can crash into each other and the player has to avoid that crash. Could be an interesting mechanic.

Your suggestion on the shadow is also very helpful! I will definitely look into fixing that soon! Car lights would also be a nice addition. Maybe I could even implement a day and night cycle with that!

Again, thanks so much for playing the game, it really gave me some insight on what to improve next!

7 years ago
Game Graphics UI Graphics

Played your game for a little bit so here are my thoughts on it:

I really like the visuals of your game! I am a sucker for low poly graphics and I think you pulled it off pretty well. The animations of the enemies are also a nice little touch, so good job on that!
I also think the whole idea of the game is nice. It's like a 3D Angry Birds with some of your own ideas sprinkled in. That could definitely work, but there are a few things about it that I don't like:

For example, I had a really hard time hitting anything with the eggs. I had no idea how far my shot would go or how far I have to pull back to hit the target. Angry Birds for example has this trail when you pull back your slingshot to show you where the projectile will go approximately. Seems like something you might want to add too.

Also, at first, I thought the UI was very confusing before I figured out that you just have to select a character before each stage. I think that's not really necessary though. Just let the player select the characters when he wants to. I also wanted to purchase one extra ability once for 60 easter eggs and it said I couldn't although I had 95 easter eggs. I think there is some kind of bug in there.

The video ads are also a bit intrusive in my opinion. There's just a random chance that an ad will open every time you go to the store I think. You might reconsider that though and give the player the option to watch an ad for easter eggs (like in Crossy Roads). That way, the player actually has an option.

Overall though, I think it's a pretty neat game and I definitely think that if you refine some of the things a little bit, this could be a great game!

7 years ago

Hey there, I'm glad you like the visuals of my game!
In regards to your question about iOS support, I've never really considered porting the game to the iPhone. But if there's demand for it, I will definitely give it a shot!

7 years ago

Yeah, I'm developing with Unity too, but if I would develope anything for iOS I would also want to test it on an iPhone or iPad...which I don't have unfortunately.

7 years ago

I get that, but it's more a question of money. I don't want to spend money on an iOS device right now as they are expensive as hell. Simple as that.

7 years ago

Thank you so much for trying out my game! It's great to hear that you seem to like the game very much! In regards to the tutorial: I tried to explain the mechanics with images, but as you mentioned, I should probably add some sort of tutorial text to make it even more clear on what to do. Thank you for your input on that, I will definitely try to add that to the game!

7 years ago