Soon there will be a revolution,

Mass transportation has hit the skies. "Pods" have taken over as the top mode of transport. The car is dead.

Illegal racing is popular, and fatalities have soared. Fed up with these activities, authorities have run Pod racers out of town. They have taken to the deserts and oceans.

This arrangement has been working well, but a disturbing and deadly new sport is emerging.

They call it - Podageddon


funferret 6 years ago

Game Graphics Controls
This is a nice looking game with a sophisticated look and I think with a little work it should do well. I would like to play it if you sort out the following.

I hated the controls. I don't like steering with on screen buttons. To be fair, I never do, I find my finger/thumb sticks to the screen a little and stops me from sliding to the left/right steering buttons. Since you seem to have digital steering it is not so much of a problem, but...

For me, this type of game has to have linear control, ie. you can steer slowly or faster depending where you place you finger.

However, please implement tilt steering. This game will be cool with that. You would just use your device like a steering wheel. You can make it really sensitive (add sensitivity adjustment) and it gives you great control. It's not that hard to do, with unity I would imagine it should be really easy. I didn't try your joystick option since I don't have one for iOS devices.

I did find it a little hard on my iPhone to see some of the obstacles and where to go, I'm sure it would be fine on an iPad, but on the iPhone I'm not so sure. You may be better to raise some of those low lying rocks a little so you can pick them out easier on a small screen.

Last very minor points. The loading times are significant, which is ok, but it would be better if you had a loading bar so I could see roughly how long it's going to be. You might also consider allowing a few minor hits before you burst into flames.

In summary, I'd like to play this game if you sort out the control issues.

ps: allow mirroring of controls for people who would like to steer with their right hand

warky_33 6 years ago

Hey thanks for playing and roasting. You bring up some great points and have taken them on board for the update.

I have changed the collision physics to make it easier, now you need to have a direct strike with something solid to explode. Trees can now be pushed over and getting tangled up with the bots is easier to get out of.

I will put the gyro controls in as well, if I can tune it right it should be awesome.

Thanks again!


gdkarthik92 6 years ago

Game Graphics Controls
Wow , looks very professional.
the game whole theme looks awesome.
but the controls need to be improved.

NguyenTaiHai 6 years ago

Mechanics Game Graphics
The game have good potential to be come a good game. But try to improve more about graphic and effect.
With this i sure that you will get more users and maybe get more money.

NihaalKnight87 5 years ago

Mechanics Game Graphics
Looks Cool, This game is Really Smooth, and light weight, and the Air Craft look Polished, Then Only Feature is bugging is that the Level around the player, it takes interest off play this game, My suggestion is to work more on the Terrain - Even its for mobile it should look good which will make this game so polished. Other than that nice game buddy keep it up.

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