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Catapoultry is an Eggscellent 3D catapult game with Eggsceptional gameplay that is Eggsciting for all the family. Eggsperiment with different Egglings and see the sometimes Eggsplosive results in a Eggstremely entertaining mobile game. The evil farmer has stolen Mother Hen, and has a dastardly plan to make a chicken pot pie for Christmas dinner!  Help the Egglings defeat the farmers henchmen (Pig 'the Pig' Piggy and Soashle the Scarecrow) and destroy the pointless and random barriers that they have built to slow the egglings down.   Some features: Collect all of the eggling characters Some of the characters have bonus abilities that help complete levels Levels increase in complexity and difficulty Collect the golden Egg to earn more 'Easter Eggs', and use Easter Eggs to purchase characters Use Easter Eggs to purchase 'special Eggs' as well.  Special Eggs allow you to destroy a lot more, a lot faster! You can also purchase Easter Eggs using in-app purchases so you can collect characters faster, or buy more special Eggs  

Game Graphics Tutorial/Learning Curve

Nice little game. Love the simple graphics and simple (but effective) concept. I found the controls hard to get used to, but I think they work how they should. Maybe a level with the ball a touch slower to ease the player in to the controls might help. I also found myself trying to make very small adjustments sometimes, but control wasn't quite fine enough, maybe a 'tap' could move the paddle a smaller amount?
Very pleasant game, and I could happily spend too much time trying to better my previous score!

5 years ago
Level Design Game Graphics

Nice little game. Question though, is the shop implemented?

Game Play Stuff:
I like the multi-lane aspect, adds another dimension.
Controls are good, although i agree with gniriki - when you choose Tap controls you could just make the entire left/right side of the screen a 'button, I missed the button a couple of times!
I would love to see some variation on the speed the NPC cars travel at (although makes it much harder to get them to avoid crashing into each other!).
Also some power-ups maybe? speed boost/invincibility/jumps etc

Graphics are nice and simple, perfect for the style of the game. Couple of small things with the graphics:
When the rain comes maybe the cars could have lights?
The oil puddle and the rocks look very similar in the dark!
Are the shadows just a child object of the cars? They could be a little closer to the cars as I think the cars look a bit like they are floating. Also, when the car spins on the oil or crashes the shadow should still stay at the bottom right

Nice work though, and I enjoyed your blog - I love to see how a game develops over time

5 years ago
Mechanics Tutorial/Learning Curve

Nice game. I really like the controls. Being able to pull back and then push forward makes it feel more like real pool than some others. All the various gameplay and camera options are great as well, and the simplistic look is really nice. The UI for the menus is pretty cool too! Great AI and the camera work was always pretty good as well. I liked the crazy mode, and being able to edit the ball layout.

I did think that it was a bit too easy to launch the cue ball and other balls off the table though, and if you launch the cue ball off the table pretty hard it just kinda disappears, and it takes quite a while before the next shot can be played.
Took me a while to realise you could adjust spin by clicking on the cue ball, and that you could skip the between-successful-shot transition with right-click, and that you could look around after you had played your shot. I did find all those things out, but a tutorial level/more detailed instructions might have helped.

Excellent game and I love the look of your upcoming features list - lots of interesting ideas and development there so I will be keeping an eye on this one!

5 years ago
Game Graphics Level Design

What a beautiful game - the graphics definitely stand out as a highlight for me...such a pleasant environment to walk around in. Controls seemed to all make sense, and being able to switch Aegis was nice. Everything responded as I would expect...jumps/attacks etc all felt right.

Not sure that its really my kind of game as far as gameplay goes, but having said that, I kept playing just to see what other visual delights you had in store! Loved the under the roots level - just the right amount of light, loved the 'spores' that came out of the mushrooms, and the light up mushrooms.

I did find that occasionally when my character decided to flip during an attack it felt...annoying. It felt like it was slowing his attack/ability to do anything else.

Visually stunning, and quite enjoyable. Slow, but in a good way I think!

5 years ago

Hey thanks for taking the time to play and review CataPoultry.

Glad you liked the graphics and the general idea of the game.

Thanks for all the great comments. I will definitely take them all into account, and Im actually in the process of implementing a target trail for the first 5-10 levels. Some food for thought as far as the character selection and videos go - rewarded ads could be a good alternative that i will look in to.

Thanks again!

5 years ago

Added an Aiming Guide for the first 5 levels, and made it so you can purchase it on subsequent levels as well :) I think I found the bug with you not being able to purchase an extra ability as well, but I havent put the fix in the latest build.
Thanks again for your feedback!

5 years ago

Just played the updated version. I like the store, and already some nice alternative cars in there. Not sure if you have adjusted the difficulty/spawning of NPC's / Obstacles, but it seemed to play a bit better too. The UI for the buttons is better size as well.
Not sure if its intentional, but the NPC's get stuck behind the boulders...would have expected them to either try and avoid them, or crash into them.
Nice to see some progressive updates - keep up the good work!

5 years ago

Hey thanks for the nice review - glad you enjoyed the trailer, and hopefully one day I will be able to port this to iOS as well.

You are right, I am using Unity for the development, and Blender for the 3D assets. I am pretty new to programming/game development - CataPoultry is pretty much my first attempt at making a game, so I have been programming for about 13 months now I suppose.

5 years ago