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Boxy Build

Shoot for the moon with Boxy Build!    Drag boxes to build as high as you can, while avoiding dangerous objects that will destroy your tower!   Double tap to use bubbles to destroy dangerous objects, but use them wisely!   Do you think you are worthy to make it to the moon? A mysterious LEGENDARY MODE awaits all whom the Gods of the Land of Unbuilt Boxes deem fit.

Mr Shaigai

We're just starting a new game. It's called Mr Shaigai and its about the main character (red), being stuck at university and wanting to go home. The game will be his journey across dangerous lands to find his way back to his family. He'll start off as a very shy character that isn't very powerful (and will have a different face and colour to reflect his mood) but over the course of the game will grow more confident and stronger! I'm wondering what you think of his design, and if there's anything I should work on, or any other things you can think of! Also note that the background isn't mine, I'm using it as a placeholder right now until I design something specific for the game.

Game Graphics Level Design

To be perfectly honest I struggled to pick something than needs more work in this game. I have to say I really like how it's all put together. There's nothing really that strikes me as not polished or unfinished. I'd just have to agree with the point brought up earlier about perhaps making the levels more complex with more shapes/types of shapes.

However, well done! Hope it works out well for you.

7 years ago
Game Graphics Game Graphics

Firstly I'd like to say ignore the thumbs down for Game Graphics, I haven't been able to actually play the game so I couldn't really say anything about the other sections!

I'm curious as to if you'll be porting this over to iOS any time soon? I really like the look of this game (always liked low poly count games) and I'd love to try it! It reminds me a lot of that crazy taxi game that was on Facebook and Bebo years ago!

7 years ago

Do you have any plans to release this for iOS? I'll get roasting as soon as you do ;)

7 years ago

I really wish I'd bought myself an android device now... So many of the games on here look really cool, but I can't play them! :(

However I have to say I like your style, the game is quite obviously inspired by Angry Birds, but the little changes you've made make it feel like something more. And another thing which gives me hope for this game is the trailer you've put together. Being able to make something like that which has clearly taken some time and effort is a mark of someone who truly cares about their game!

You made this in Unity if I'm not mistaken? The particle effects look similar to the firework standard asset. How long have you been programming for?

7 years ago

What have you been developing with? I use Unity and its incredibly easy to port your games to different devices. The only thing you'd really need to consider is if you're willing to invest in an Apple Developer Account!

7 years ago

What have you been developing with? I use Unity and its incredibly easy to port your games to different devices. The only thing you'd really need to consider is if you're willing to invest in an Apple Developer Account!

7 years ago

To be honest it would be like developing for android but you don't need to take into consideration programming in some access to the back button. That's the problem I have since I don't have an android haha! But going with android, at least you won't need to put up with the massive headache that is Xcode. I swear I spend more time trying to get that piece of garbage to work than the game itself!

7 years ago

I look forward to that day!

7 years ago
Game Graphics Story/Writing/Dialogue

Seems like quite a good idea to get children learning maths in school. I'd say this has a low chance of being downloaded in its current form, the name needs to change as well as improving the story. Have you considered going to schools and seeing if they'll take it on as part of their program? Having children downloading it because its actually homework would make the learning experience so much more fun. At least for me it would have when I was younger. Obviously I'm aware not everyone can afford to give their children these handsets, but if the parents agree with this game being implemented you could have a real winner on your hands!

7 years ago
Game Graphics

Quite like the look of this game. Seems a novel idea. Is there anything else that's similar on the market today?

7 years ago

Hey there Guys and Gals,

Think this is quite a nice idea to introduce everyone and build up a wee community! I know I would definitely enjoy discussing game development with all of you and sharing our ideas.

My name is David, and I'm the CEO of Screaming Goat Studios. We're a Scottish indie team based in Edinburgh and Glasgow, Scotland.

(I'm going to really need to stop looking at Pankapu's post because its so difficult to not copy it word for word haha!)

Anyway our first game is called Boxy Build and you can find it on the main page of Roast My Game. Any thoughts you give us would be incredibly appreciated. When you make a game it becomes very difficult to see any flaws that might be in it, since you know the bugs and can avoid them! So having some "fresh minds" so to speak would be so helpful :)

You can download it from either the App Store or the Play Store at these links!

We're currently working on an endless runner ninja game, which should be released by the end of May. Hope to show you some more of that soon! :D


- David

7 years ago

Thanks very much for your input! That idea about the triangles is great, I never considered that. I'll put that on my to do list and have a go implementing it in the next update.

I know what you mean about the bombs, the problem I had was that the double tap would only register next to the box. But I'll keep working on that and see if I can make it work!

7 years ago

For me I think you should make the view of the game larger. It also doesn't really make sense to have ledges off screen, meaning that you have to "take a leap of faith" so to speak to figure out where they are.

7 years ago

Anyone else have any thoughts? Should I put up a video so you can see the game if you don't feel like / can't download it?

7 years ago

Thanks for letting us know what we can work on! I've been thinking for a while that it does seem a lot more intuitive to do it that way. It's funny how when you're developing something you never notice these bugs because you're so used to them existing! And the scoring system works with the white dotted line. Every time that line moves up a "box size" you gain a point! It's really just linked to the camera's Y position however ;)

7 years ago

Thanks very much for your comments norseware, you're totally right! Hopefully if I'm able to put up a new video you'll see we've worked on those issues :) Let us know what you think! :D

7 years ago

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