Tunnel Jet Racing


A fast and furious arcade like flight simulator race game where you race in underground tunnels.

A shield protects your racer and allows you to collide with tunnel walls, which is handy since you'll find it hard not to. However, your speed will be sapped significantly with each collision hindering your race progress.

Non-lethal weapons are available to hinder your opponents, but good luck using them effectively. Tunnel Jet Racing gets so fast you'll be struggling to avoid bouncing around the tunnel walls.

Full 3D tilt steering control.
Download new race series from as they become available.

First full release

Timed levels of increasing difficulty with new obstacles.


shlippy 6 years ago

This is a pretty cool idea for a game, reminds me a bit of F-Zero or Wipeout. The ship design, music and presentation are quite good. I think the game has a good sense of speed and i like the extra little features like being able to change the ships colours. The main problem I have is the controls, although this could be because my phone doesn't have a gyroscope. I find it hard to steer and focus because I am tilting the screen so much.
The track design could be more interesting, there isn't really any scenery or obstacles. Maybe you could have a track that goes underwater or one that runs through a city. I understand that might take too long to make tho. I like the idea of targeting the other racers and shooting them to slow them down. Maybe there could be more power ups and counter attacks.

funferret 6 years ago

Thanks, this feedback is very helpful. There is a tilt sensitivity setting, which when set to max should make the steering sensitive enough that you only have to tilt the phone slightly. There are 2 different steering mechanisms in the code though, it's possible I've messed one up, so I'll check them out. Also I'll make sure the default setting is much more sensitive.

You're right about the track design, I'll be adding extra obstacles and maybe gun turrets to liven it up, then I'll have to add some more exciting stuff like city backgrounds. Water features are a good idea, I like the idea of dodging a waterfall.

I need to look at some power ups, extra shielding, speed boosts etc. There are more ships available (I just need to publish the race series for them), but I should probably show them in the menu system, so you can see they can be used (unlocked) in the future.

So much to do, thanks for your help.

gdkarthik92 6 years ago

Great concept. So this is in beta. When can we expect the game? Happy to get my hands on it. Looks pretty decent for an indie game. Kudos

funferret 6 years ago

Thanks. The game should be released in about a week from now. They'll still be plenty to add and improve, so should keep me busy for a bit.

gdkarthik92 6 years ago

no problem, take ur time

funferret 5 years ago

This game has been removed from apple and google play now.

It's been morphed in to Trench Racer, that I've just added, which is in beta release.

TomS 5 years ago

Mechanics Mechanics
Few observations:
- The menu system could use some work graphics wise.
- The tutorial is a good idea but the fact that it stops the game while you're playing it really breaks the flow of the game. Perhaps some exaggerated way filling in the health bar if you're over the recharge pad, or just a quick tutorial or graphic at the start of the game that explains what is going on. I found the tutorial to be interrupting the game and a bit annoying.
- I like the mechanics of this game but I think it would work better if aiming worked differently. It is very hard to aim in 3d cordite system the way it is now. I would try to have the ship shoot straight and to the centre of the tunnel so just up towards the centre to see if that would work. As it is now it's too hard to aim. Or perhaps some kind of auto aim/target lock mechanism. Shooting the ships is great but turrets when ship is at the other side of the tunnel not so much.
- Lastly, the graphics are not cohesive, the ground doesn't really match the graphic style of the ships, you might want to look into that. Maybe making the ground more toon style would work better. Don't get me wrong, the graphics are not bad just that I'm seeing a disconnect between the environment and the ships that are flying in that environment. They don't seem like they belong together.

Over all very promising game just needs some TLC. I hope you don't take my criticism the wrong way, I really like the game. Just trying to help out.

Arnie50 1 year ago

Game Graphics Game Graphics
Graphics need improvement, because this style won't get too popular around.
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