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Police Highway Chase in City - Crime Racing Games

Get into the action of fast police car with the simulation experience of driving. Race around the city streets and drift through dubai highway at top speed. Get into a robbery criminal case game. Try this police highway chase in city and become a professional police cop. The theme of this game is to chase city robbers who want to loot the bank and escape from there. Your duty as a police officer is to stop this bank robbery. Show the criminals that there is a brave officer to stop this grand robbery mission at any cost. Get yourself ready as a super cop and show the criminals what you have gained in police games. The whole city is in fear, robbers are high professionals and they are executing a robbery without any fear of grand chase of police. You are a undercover police officer who can bring peace back to the grand city.

Taxi Driving in Rush City

Sick of car racing games and want to enjoy the thrill of cab driving? Taxi driving in rush city is the perfect game you have been looking for several years. This is new and unique obsession in which you can do several tasks such as pick and drop of passengers from different destinations.FREE TO INSTALL

Controls Story/Writing/Dialogue

controls are good but animation addition is very low, add some animations and rewards

1 year ago

thank you for your suggestions

1 year ago
Controls Level Design

bro increase the visibility on UI

1 year ago
Controls Animation

improvement required on animations effect.

1 year ago

Car Driving Mania : highway Prado adventure

Eternity Pilot