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Shooter Accuracy and Speed

Mission objective: You are surrounded by the armies. shoot them to get a lot of points as much as you can within the time limit. if you run out of bullet, or lose your health, it's game over. pay attention the armies are really dangerous and are great in numbers.Instructions:Drag to aim the target and click to shoot.

Hospital Frenzy 4

Lisa and friends have moved to a new town, and their job applications have been approved as a desk officer in a new hospital. they have 10 days to pass the test, so can you help them?   The hospital has some medical equipments, and the doctors are ready to serve sick people. there are medical diagnosis, dentist, gynaecologist, and many more, even the ER staff.   Each day/ level, you have a target goal to achieve. you will have high volume patients looking for medical treatments, and you will have some special patients whom will pay more if you treat them well. also, there are some free coins to collect in the hospital area. so pay attention to upgrade some medical equipments when you have enough money.   How to play the game: Choose one of four available characters to play. Lisa, Sarah, Elly or Matt. use mouse to click and drag the patients to their orders. you might need to upgrade the medical equipments to speed up the process. unlock all rewards available in the game.   Support Hospital Frenzy 4 on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/wangweigong   You can play Hospital Frenzy 4 on Itch.io (only for patrons): https://wangweigonggames.itch.io/hospital-frenzy-4/patreon-access  

Physics Animation

it would be great if you add more animations.

1 year ago

Hi PhaneV,

The game should work in chrome or firefox.


1 year ago

thanks for your advice. this game was my very first game in 2008. so no bother with it anymore.

8 months ago

Sunday Driver

Shooter Accuracy and Speed

Hospital Frenzy 4