Fire Balls


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No waiting. No grinding. All action. Dodge lightning, block plasma bolts, and brace yourself for dragon fire. But beware, enemies will block, kite, and roast you to death. Can you survive 9 levels of fiery mayhem?

Previous online version 0.16 here:

Improved almost all graphics, added destructible terrain, on-hit particle effects, etc. while keeping FPS > 60 for my i5 laptop (except when the whole stage is blowing up on the final levels)

New tutorial should help you breeze through the first 3 levels.

New endgame boss that tries to outkite you and rips through shields with a charged lightning beam and massive fireballs.

Dozens of small improvements: Portal between levels, stat bar corrections, player death animation, numerous audio changes, nerfs/buffs,  screen shake, etc.

Completed (but not yet released):
1 new boss and 3 new elite bosses that require carefully placed shields, precise movement, and timed firing. Epic duels await...

3 additional tiers for fire, thunder, and plasma ammo for a total of 12 increasingly powerful attacks; high-point-damage lightning arrows, explosive plasma lasers, and massive-dual wielded fire swords.

Object pooling complete for current prefabs. Usually >100 FPS. FPS > 40 even when summoning dozens of enemies and particle effects.

A dozen upgrades added including dashing through obstacles, double shielding, piercing bullets, etc. Stations for upgrades and preliminary menus complete.

Player can use tier 1 to tier 4 plasma, fire, and thunder ammo. Collect higher tier ammo by defeating stronger enemies.

Will complete before releasing:
Randomly generated open world with theme and story elements instead of current levels.

Further animation improvements. Bug fixes. More polish.


Holzchopf 2 years ago

Game Graphics Mechanics
It's definitely a hot action game! I like the graphics. Although they could all be little more "flat" (backgrounds and ground) if the minimalist style is what you're going for.

I have noticed that
- escape doesn't take you back to main menu
- you can shoot and build shields while the game is paused
- also, when you shoot at an enemy while the game is paused, you can see that enemies insta-shield *

Overall I think the difficulty is too high. * Especially the nonexistent reaction time of enemies makes it hard. And yes, it definitely needs clearer health displays and cooldown displays. Apart from that I don't think it needs more features, attack and defence is all it takes!

yoshizzle 2 years ago

Thanks a bunch for the feedback! Nice catching those bugs; never thought of testing controls during pause.

It's a strange mix of minimalist and "realistic" graphics, all revolved around a fire theme. Am currently experimenting with character graphics upgrades and "minimalist" but destructive terrain.

Will update the game in a few days with player buffs, clearer displays, and more realistic enemy AI (including nonzero reaction time). With a new explosive shield mechanic, the player should be able to dish out much more damage. Beginners should hopefully be able to get past level 1 on their first or second try.

BackNowhere 2 years ago

Controls Level Design

I streamed my play test to youtube in case your interested in wathching :)

At first I was impressed by the quality of the production, higher that average on this site IMO.

The game play and graphics were instantly engaging, and there seemed to be a bit more there with the text on the map (I really like this idea btw) and so on.

But it wore off quickly as the levels became repetitious and the obstacles and settings don't seem to impact heavily.

I feel that this is a marketable product, that would be helped by further development to add variety and polish.

Looking forward to the next release :)

Daniel Griffin

yoshizzle 2 years ago

Hi Daniel. Thanks a lot for the feedback! Your gameplay is valuable. Glad you liked the riots; theme is currently being added...

Endless kiting is an issue; I'm surprised you got to level 5 without using shields. Player speed will be lowered and the first few levels will be changed to emphasize the power of shielding more. Ammo drops might stop the kiting too.

Update coming in a week.

BackNowhere 2 years ago

P.S. The riots were really cool :)

GrandMuscleStudios 2 years ago

Animation Level Design
good work but you need to add more features in your game

yoshizzle 2 years ago

Thanks for playing! What level did you get to?

New enemy, ability, and level already made. Will be releasing next patch in a few days.

Chukobyte 2 years ago

Mechanics Animation
I think this is a good game and I like the minimalist art style. I've made it to what I believe is the first boss. It's a good foundation as far as the graphics and the gameplay!

* I like the idea of having the left mouse button as an attack and the right mouse button as a defensive shield. This is very simple to grasp.

* The text on the map really caught my eye and I thought it was a nice touch.

* I would like for there to be a way to get back to the main menu in game.

* I like the graphics and think they could be even better with polish.

* Maybe add more features?

yoshizzle 2 years ago

Thanks for playing! I'm revamping all animations soon for a truer, minimalist look (explosions will be even more epic though). Pause menu should have a main menu option; if not, I'll make that change. More enemies, weapon types, etc. will definitely be added. Currently making a mockup for dynamic terrain destruction with explosions.

MetaSoft 2 years ago

Game Graphics Animation
Nice work! I really liked the game graphics but I didn't think the animation was the best. I like the idea of having the left mouse button as an attack and the right mouse button as a defensive shield.

yoshizzle 2 years ago

Thanks! All graphics will be revamped.Many changes to come.
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