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Serenade of the Sirens

Serenade of the Sirens is a retro, rogue-lite, dungeon crawler.  As a mermaid named Seika, discover the hidden mystery of the underwater cave.*Best played with a joystick  

Mechanics Animation

I think this is a good game and I like the minimalist art style. I've made it to what I believe is the first boss. It's a good foundation as far as the graphics and the gameplay!

* I like the idea of having the left mouse button as an attack and the right mouse button as a defensive shield. This is very simple to grasp.

* The text on the map really caught my eye and I thought it was a nice touch.

* I would like for there to be a way to get back to the main menu in game.

* I like the graphics and think they could be even better with polish.

* Maybe add more features?

5 years ago
Story/Writing/Dialogue Mechanics

I like the concept of a 2D escape room. I think the graphics are nice, and I like the way the menu text scrolls horizontally. Unfortunately I ran into multiple issues that made me have to restart the game. This includes:

* Getting stuck in wall when climbing ladder
* After climbing ladder and falling into spikes, was stuck.

I'm not sure if there was more content, but I couldn't progress further after falling into the spikes. I've attempted this multiple times.

5 years ago
Mechanics Controls

I just played the game up to the third boss and these are the pros and cons I have.

* nice title screen
* art style and visual effects are nice
* I like the variety of moves to learn.
* level design
* Nice pause menu

* I'm not sure if this is by design, but when I jump and attack an enemy on a platform it is hard to follow up with a combo. I get attacked instead.

Overall, don't really have a lot of bad things to say. This game has potential and I enjoyed my playthrough.

5 years ago
Mechanics Controls

I think the game has a good novel concept and potential. One thing that I thought could use some improvement is the controls. They felt really slippery. Also, maybe some type of indication that the red block kill may be helpful.

5 years ago
Controls Game Graphics

Took me awhile, but I finally scored 8 points! I like that you've implemented a leaderboard. I also thought the music choice matched the type of game this is. The graphics are simple and I think it could use some variation the further you progress within the game.

After a few playthroughs I felt as though I didn't have much of a reason to come back. Maybe adding more to the game would spice it up, such as different ship types, power ups, etc. The game mechanics are simple, so I'm curious as to how you would achieve a more complex game with the current mechanics. Also, the music loop for the main menu seems to be a little bit off timing wise.

5 years ago

Yes it was that version. I also received a bug where I would press left or up (jump), I would either keep moving to the left or continue to jump.

5 years ago
Game Graphics Story/Writing/Dialogue

I enjoyed my playthrough of Solbot. I like the animation the Solbot does when collecting an orb. I like the fact that Solbot changes color every new level. I obtained the magnet power up during my playthrough and definitely thought it was useful.

I don't really have any negatives to say other than there doesn't seem to be a way to pause the game while playing. I think for what Solbot is trying to do, it works. Also, I wasn't sure what the points are for either. I'll play again later!

5 years ago

I was using chrome. I've played about 3 times and the bug only happened on the third time.

5 years ago

Also not sure if this helps. But this didn't happen when pressing right.

5 years ago
Controls Game Graphics

I played as the Sniper and I think this game is a good start! I like the way it felt moving and shooting! The recoil is effect is very nice. I became a little confused when moving and aiming while the shooting line/reticles split. I didn't really see much difference in the left and right mouse button weapons.

5 years ago

Thanks for checking out Serenade of the Sirens! I'll definitely tackle the problem of making my game more unique in future builds.

5 years ago

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