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Action puzzle game with a touch of pair game mechanics. Or pairs made into an action puzzler? Play to find out what fits better!Reveal a pair of symbols to make them disappear - you'll need the space for all the new ones falling down from time to time. If they reach the top, your game's over.Every 1000 points you're rewarded with a random item. When used, they will either- reveal all cards- stop new ones from coming- make them drop slower- make them fade out slower- let you pop one- let you pop all of a kind- keep the top row clear


You are Iceberg. You dream of sinking the Pipanic. To make your dream come true, you will have to hunt down smaller boats until you are strong enough.

Game Graphics Mechanics

It's definitely a hot action game! I like the graphics. Although they could all be little more "flat" (backgrounds and ground) if the minimalist style is what you're going for.

I have noticed that
- escape doesn't take you back to main menu
- you can shoot and build shields while the game is paused
- also, when you shoot at an enemy while the game is paused, you can see that enemies insta-shield *

Overall I think the difficulty is too high. * Especially the nonexistent reaction time of enemies makes it hard. And yes, it definitely needs clearer health displays and cooldown displays. Apart from that I don't think it needs more features, attack and defence is all it takes!

1 year ago
Game Graphics Controls

I don't think the graphics could need any enhancement, they're perfect. Ok, the spacecraft could be a little bigger but that's already a bit nitpicky.

However, the controls feel odd. Like they're laggy. I don't how long it takes the system to realise when a touch actually is released, but even if there's just a tiny delay (what it feels like), this kills the fun at high speeds. I don't know if there's an easy way to compensate that in the players favour. The other approach would be to slow down the whole game a little. Maybe? Or I'm just crap at admitting that I'm not good. Who knows. My high score is 3.

If you'd like to re-roast: https://roastmygame.com/game/puzzpair

1 year ago
Game Graphics Mechanics

Controls are fine, I got used to it really quick.

I like the retro art style. However, there are some graphical elements I'd adjust
- the background image too bright and together with those trees, it camouflages some powerups (especially ammo) sometimes
- the "pixels" sizes are not consistent. I don't mind having finer pixel art objects in front of a coarse background, but the background alone has different levels of detail
- the health display should be more present

I know it's just a beta and you might not have concentrated on content much yet. But still: What is the goal? Is it just all about collecting coins? Is there any variety in difficulty (e.g. end bosses or huge waves of enemies)? I also think the "action" could need some tweaking. Try having more enemies or higher rate of fire, but have them dealing less damage, so difficulty overall stays the same.

1 year ago
Tutorial/Learning Curve Controls

Very creative! I like how you put the instructions on the doormat (I guess it is) instead of just placing them somehow, nice opening =)

The controls are weird tho. When I press (and hold) down a key to move, the player first takes one step, stops and after a while he starts moving constantly. It's like you were listening to the keystrokes and their retriggerings. Is there no function that tells you if a key is currently down? Would make the movement smoother and also the way it is now feels like having a lag.

Oh and when shooting a lot of arrows the game becomes super slow. Maybe you could restrict the rate at which you can shoot or the number of arrows that can be in the air..?

1 year ago

Thank you very much! You are right about the uniqueness... I'm planning to add quests and something like hidden bonus levels for more variety. But right now I'm concentrating on bug fixing and improving the controls.

1 year ago

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