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Action puzzle game with a touch of pair game mechanics. Or pairs made into an action puzzler? Play to find out what fits better!Reveal a pair of symbols to make them disappear - you'll need the space for all the new ones falling down from time to time. If they reach the top, your game's over.Every 1000 points you're rewarded with a random item. When used, they will either- reveal all cards- stop new ones from coming- make them drop slower- make them fade out slower- let you pop one- let you pop all of a kind- keep the top row clear

Game Graphics Mechanics

It's definitely a hot action game! I like the graphics. Although they could all be little more "flat" (backgrounds and ground) if the minimalist style is what you're going for.

I have noticed that
- escape doesn't take you back to main menu
- you can shoot and build shields while the game is paused
- also, when you shoot at an enemy while the game is paused, you can see that enemies insta-shield *

Overall I think the difficulty is too high. * Especially the nonexistent reaction time of enemies makes it hard. And yes, it definitely needs clearer health displays and cooldown displays. Apart from that I don't think it needs more features, attack and defence is all it takes!

3 weeks ago
Game Graphics Controls

I don't think the graphics could need any enhancement, they're perfect. Ok, the spacecraft could be a little bigger but that's already a bit nitpicky.

However, the controls feel odd. Like they're laggy. I don't how long it takes the system to realise when a touch actually is released, but even if there's just a tiny delay (what it feels like), this kills the fun at high speeds. I don't know if there's an easy way to compensate that in the players favour. The other approach would be to slow down the whole game a little. Maybe? Or I'm just crap at admitting that I'm not good. Who knows. My high score is 3.

If you'd like to re-roast: https://roastmygame.com/game/puzzpair

3 weeks ago

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