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Fire Balls

*Roast my game and I'll roast yours if its PC/IPhone :-)*No waiting. No grinding. All action. Dodge lightning, block plasma bolts, and brace yourself for dragon fire. But beware, enemies will block, kite, and roast you to death. Can you survive 9 levels of fiery mayhem?Previous online version 0.16 here: https://yungshizzle.itch.io/fire

Tutorial/Learning Curve Mechanics

Tutorials before the 2nd boss helped me remember the basic controls and basic combos, even if I couldn't use them well. Seeing places I couldn't reach reminded me of the Metroid games.

Certain mechanics need some work like jumping and being able to hit an enemy on a platform above. Usually, they just hog the edge and knock me off. Also, s, d, w, a, and space for fighting are a bit much for me to remember. Simplifying is possible (i.e. only use s for the punch combos and/or dodge/dashing by double tapping a movement key).

Overall, this is a decent game with plenty of potential!

1 year ago
Level Design Controls

Levels are doable. Music fits this kind of game well. The controls are wonky though:
- Change force vectored movement to velocity-based. Less inertia, much faster movement response, all important in an endless runner.
- I can't see where I'm landing after my jump. You can angle the camera down towards the player more, add a directional light for a shadow under the player, etc. to keep track of landing location.
- Sometimes, the jump doesn't register. Is it whenever the player is touching the floor? If so, you can dampen impacts to the ground or just hard code no bouncing on impact.
-Add some kind of reward for the player to motivate them to continue playing your game - coins, abilities (can be simple like jumping farther or something), etc.

1 year ago
Story/Writing/Dialogue Mechanics

Awesome, abstract (?) game. I was looking for hidden areas before I finished it haha. Reminds me of the movie "It's Such a Beautiful Day" (warning: gets morbid fast). Anyways, the roast:

-Yeah, puzzle pieces got stuck to my mouse sometimes.
-The lighthouse puzzle took a while to load. Was it intentional? I was clicking all over the place in the pitch dark before the puzzle.
-I think the maze bit is a perfect place to add another feature (hidden room, easter egg, etc).

1 year ago
Game Graphics Controls

It's a hard game, but feels good when going for those red stars. Trial #8 (lightning?) was fun to go through. Are you trying to go for a game like Super Meat Boy? Some thoughts:

- Trial #8 difficulty spike was noticeable. I couldn't finish Trial #9.
- Player has a bit too much inertia.
- Hidden areas that require triple/quadruple jumps would be dope.

1 year ago

Thanks a bunch for the feedback! Nice catching those bugs; never thought of testing controls during pause.

It's a strange mix of minimalist and "realistic" graphics, all revolved around a fire theme. Am currently experimenting with character graphics upgrades and "minimalist" but destructive terrain.

Will update the game in a few days with player buffs, clearer displays, and more realistic enemy AI (including nonzero reaction time). With a new explosive shield mechanic, the player should be able to dish out much more damage. Beginners should hopefully be able to get past level 1 on their first or second try.

1 year ago

Hi Daniel. Thanks a lot for the feedback! Your gameplay is valuable. Glad you liked the riots; theme is currently being added...

Endless kiting is an issue; I'm surprised you got to level 5 without using shields. Player speed will be lowered and the first few levels will be changed to emphasize the power of shielding more. Ammo drops might stop the kiting too.

Update coming in a week.

1 year ago
Controls Level Design

I soloed to level 15+. Can get hectic but the gun speed "upgrades" help. I like to low poly style. Going into the grey-colored bridges/paths are a death sentence. The roast:

- I got kicked out of the game once after a few seconds on wave 1.
- "Yes" on the quit dialogue box doesn't work sometimes.
- I figured out a way to jump on the wall and became untouchable.
- Enemies get stuck behind trees.
- Health spawns are a bit too high; I ran under one like 5 times on 10 hp while being chased by a horde.
- Sprint OP.; enemies can't touch you. Endless kiting is an issue.

Aside from the bugs, everything in the game is fine, even the simple/creepy look of tictacs. More features is all you need really to make this an amazing game! Tictacs that join together into a giant tictac boss? Bodies don't disappear on death so you can use as a wall? Tictacs that fight other tictacs? The possibilities are endless.

1 year ago

Thanks for playing! What level did you get to?

New enemy, ability, and level already made. Will be releasing next patch in a few days.

1 year ago
Controls Animation

Nice theme and easy controls. With the Toy Story graphics, it's a bit weird that nothing is animated, though 3D animations do take forever to implement... The roast:

- Buzz shoots lasers out of his feet
- Needs either more features or deeper gameplay. Running around shooting endlessly gets boring after a while. Make Buzz fly? Hand to hand combat? Shoot rockets?
- You can camp in the bottom corner forever.

1 year ago
Tutorial/Learning Curve Controls

I played for first 10 levels, level 20, and level 30. Nice variety of enemies with different atttacks. The roast:

- Movement controls stop working after reaching the edge of the screen. Melee attack sometimes restores movement??
- Bullets go toward the nearest enemy, defeating the purpose of aiming/shooting.
- Player magically teleports forward sometimes (and not lagging...)

1 year ago

Thanks for playing! I'm revamping all animations soon for a truer, minimalist look (explosions will be even more epic though). Pause menu should have a main menu option; if not, I'll make that change. More enemies, weapon types, etc. will definitely be added. Currently making a mockup for dynamic terrain destruction with explosions.

1 year ago

Thanks! All graphics will be revamped.Many changes to come.

1 year ago

Fire Balls