Avoid the toxic raindrops for as long as you can. If any drop hits you...well, let's just say it's not pretty.

A variety of explosive rain randomly appears overhead. They appear randomly, but you'll swear that the god of falling outer space objects has a personal vendetta against you!

Unlock the more difficult levels by surviving for 60 seconds on the previous level. You can survive for 60 seconds, right? (Challenge issued!)

Game Features:
- Over 30 killer enemies for you to master!
- Tons of levels for you to unlock! (Once unlocked, each level is always available for re-play.)
- Over 30 Leaderboards for you to dominate!
- Over 100 Achievements for you to attempt to earn!
- Easy Controls
- Addiction
- Fun!

Now in Open Beta on Google Play!
We'd love to hear your thoughts about any aspect of the game before we officially release it!
Please reply in the forum below.

Please try BAD RAIN today! It's free!
I look forward to hearing from you!
-Robert (JWX Software)


qurien 2 years ago

Controls UI Graphics
Hi I played your game today...nice concept.It would be much more awesome if you zoom a little bit because right now it seems so small.. so if someone with bad eye sight might find a difficulty... Its just a suggestion from my point of view.. Ignore it if I'm wrong.. waiting for the official release :)

JWXsoftware 2 years ago

Thank you for your comments. You are not wrong, the character is a bit on the small side. Perhaps in a later version we'll give him some size. We just release Bad Rain for Android and will release it for iOS as soon as it is approved by the fine folks at Apple....hopefully on around 11/16/17. Again, thanks for playing BAD RAIN!

zacadoo 2 years ago

Mechanics Game Graphics
I enjoyed the overall concept and could see this being very addictive to a lot of people, the only thing I might tweak is the graphics a bit, seem a little disjointed, as in not all in the same style, but just a random sampling of effects. Other than that good job!

JWXsoftware 2 years ago

Thanks zacadoo for your comments. We are currently working on a possible change to some of the graphics. Since we just released BAD RAIN on google play yesterday, we might have to put the changes in with an update later on. We hope to release the iOS version of BAD RAIN as soon as Apple approves it...hopefully in the next few days.

To everyone else...
Here is a link to the just-released Android version of BAD RAIN on Google Play:
We are always hoping for more players and, of course, some 5-star reviews!
Thanks to everyone for your support!
-Robert (JWX Software)

Nanuk 1 year ago

Physics Game Graphics
I didn't know the rain could kill you (I thought it was part of the asthetic), but then again, you did warn that everything kills you, and the game is called Bad Rain so...

I really don't have much to say, since the game offers just that. The graphics are a bit lackluster, but it makes sense since the game is in an early stage. I would change the design to be honest, because even though I understand the aim of the design and how you want to make it funny in some way, I feel it won't do justice. The pace of the game is a bit slow. I would like the character to move a bit faster, and the things that kill you could be added some speed too.

The menu is simple, maybe a bit too simple. There are a lot of levels, which is nice, but since the gameplay is practically the same, it doesn't really add much more than difficulty. Maybe adding power ups or something like that could be a good idea? Instead of everything killing you, maybe some power ups fall from time to time.

I also feel like I've played this before... I really didn't see it standing out in terms of originality. The concept is simple, and the execution really can't offer more, but there always something to have in mind when developing games like this: you need to make the player choose youor game ovet the rest, and make him want to come back for more.

We're usually bad critics of our own creations because we treat them like our babies. We love them a lot, so we usually see little to no problems with them. I think it's a good idea to get more people to play it to help you improve it overall.

Good luck!
Roast Em