[Updated] Blocks



W,A,D or Up,Left,Right (Space can also be used to jump) , Esc to pause


Just get to the end of the level, if u get tired of a level just skip it

Update Log:


  • Game should be more fair


  • Jumping should be better
  • Camera is now zoomed out

First game I made, Enjoy

idk ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
i'll make some changes, just need more feedback


Nanuk 1 year ago

Controls Physics
Impossible Game meets the 3D realm (?).

I see what your aim is, but I kind of feel the 3D part isn't necessary... There are several problems regarding the physics. For some reason, in level 2 it feels like the gravity changed, and that makes the level impossible. It relies to much on the "pixel perfect" aspect of the game, instea of a platforming experience.

There was a bug in level 5 where if you drop back to the left after the first checkpoint, you can't continue unles you restart the level. I stopped at level 7 because the spikes were too much. The learning curve is a bit sloppy too.

Overall, I feel the controls are understandable, but the physics aren't consistent. The graphics aren't really something I'm looking for when it comes to a game like this. Some mechanics like the moving rotating platform were nice, but the spikes on the border of the checkpoints make everything worse.

Hmm... What can I say? Don't give up, keep coding it, but try to make the game look more original. Stick to things like the moving platform, things that wont make me want to play games like Geometry Dash. Good luck!

DrDeathGaming 1 year ago

What do you mean by checkpoint because there are no checkpoints in my game? Are you talking about the blue block? If yes, they launch you into the air

kingziox 1 year ago

Level Design Physics
I really enjoyed the level design of the latter levels. The game goes from very linear to much more complex which is very enjoyable for a level based game. What needs work is the physics, everything feels a little too exaggerated and not natural, some levels feel almost impossible and somewhat luck based rather than skill or timing, if there was someway to give a little extra chance on some of the jumps I think it would make the game feel more fluid. Overall great attempt at a first game!
Roast Em

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