Digits! - Tap fast and add to the target number.


A simple, casual math game where you add up Digits to the target number. The more Digits you use the more points you get. But watch out! If you go over the target you lose points.

Can you get the most Digits?


Helibit 8 years ago

Story/Writing/Dialogue Tutorial/Learning Curve
The concept is good, i like it.

The game definitelly needs better, preferably interactive, tutorial. If it wasnt for roast, i would have given up before i figured out on how to play it.

It is weird to see final score be negative. It is logical but strangely not intuitive and personally repelling. Reminds me of game still in development before polishing it out. Maybe limit deduction down to 0 points only?

Dynamic of falling (gravity) could be a bit more attractive.

Also i constantly felt there were too many solutions out there and i couldnt find enough. Meaning, less choices and higher tempo could maybe be more appealing. Making me feel smarter :)

Needs more sounds, especially "success" kind of sound when you add them up correctly.

My suggestion for notifications popup is to pop it up after a few starts. When i start any game for the first time i personally almost never click ok to notifications. Those that ask me after i got to know the game, have a much higher chance of getting me click OK.

Also try to get some designer friend hands on it to polish it up a tad. Luckily for one-man-band programmers minimalistic design is popular these days but it's still quite tricky to get right.

Much of the above is higly subjective personal view of course :) Thoughts to consider.

smartssa 8 years ago

Thank you for taking the time to do this. This is great feedback that I will take in to consideration when I update the game.


Nanuk 5 years ago

Mechanics Tutorial/Learning Curve
Wow, I did not expect a game like this to make me want to play more of it! It felt like I was playing something like 2048, only a bit more brain exhausting (in a good way), and to be honest, a bit more fun. Although I did find the speed of the pieces to be too fast paced, the game was really good. I suggest you add progressive speed, instead of just gravity making the numbers fall. For example, each 50 points, add 0.1 gravity or something like that. This can make the game more challenging when you get to a certain level, instead of a constant speed from the beginning, and also allows the player to get more points at the start, making him want to improve based on both time and points.

The graphics are nice, easy on the eyes, and it works well. The menu is functional and although it's minimalistic, it works. The two game modes are refreshing, and since they're pretty different, the game doesn't get repetitive. I like the clicking sound the numbers make when clicked, and I'm glad there's no music to it. This is the type of game I would like to play with my headphones on and some background music of my choice, instead of in-game music, so really good choice there.

Maybe it's because I'm bad at playing, but if it's not implemented already (maybe I didn't reach that level), why not add a new mode where the number you need to reach changes after a certain amount of time?

I will actually keep this game on my phone for some time. I'll see if playing it while on a short trip or while waiting for the bus is a good way to kill time and maybe improves the gameplay experience.

Good luck, and keep at it! I'm sure with the right amount of "spam" you can get more people to play the game and ejoy it!
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