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Life Line brings the retro era back, and tries to convince you that playing two games at once, is always better than one. Collecting game styles similar to Pong, Arkanoid, Asteroid Blaster, Galaga... Life Line tries to make it all come toghether into a challenging new approach: survive while only moving up and down, while shooting at enemies coming from both sides at the same time.

——- New Enemies & New Enemy Interaction ——-   You’ve all been asking for enemies with a higher hp than 1 to change color when they get hit. So here you go! Now, if this were 0.5.3, I would have just done that, and moved on, but….   HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE   Now there’s a completely new enemy that you can find over at boss 7 and boss 8 (levels 70 & 80 respectively). No spoilers. Now enemies have a dynamic speed method, that makes them gain speed when they get hit. Are you still sure you want to hit them? New 4 hp enemy, faster, stronger, and well… Still a square. :( Improved enemy sprites, movement, and some bug fixes in general. ——- New Boss Fights ——-   Level 70 and level 80 await. Are you ready?   ——- Power-Up Sprites ——-   Yeah, squares and more squares gets confusing. Many of you have requested a sprite modification, and so, here it is! Power-ups are now circular, and have a certain glow to them. Go get that tripel gun!   ——- More Music ——-   More music has been added thanks to this awesome artist:   MLK:   Thanks to him, now Life Line has it’s own cool main theme! Give him a shoutout if you can! You can also check his SoundCloud page over at the Music & Credits section.   ——- Login & Trophies (Beta) ——-   You heard it! Now, thanks to the GameJolt API, you can recieve trophies for playing my game! Yes! I feel like a real dev now!   In order for them to work, you need to create a GameJolt account (which, why wouldn’t you have one already?), enter your username and your token. You can find both of them in your user tab on the top right of the page.Can you earn them all?   Currently, you can only get 9 trophies maximum, and for Endless Mode only. Next update will bring more trophies, so stay tuned!   If you still want to play without logging in, you can play the Play As Guest version. Completely up to you!   Maybe… If you get them all… The game will start to telling you a story…   ——- Is This Not Enough For You? ——-   Alright then, keep reading!   Boss fights now don’t play a sound when enemies get hit. This allows the player to listen to the music and not get sound-overload. The performance of the game has been improved overall. Bug fixed, in which, from level 60 onwards, some enemies dropped power-ups that did not move. Bug fixed, in which, if the player died on a boss fight, if he waited for the fight to finish, while on the death screen, the level would increment automatically. Bug fixed, in which, on the music & credits menu, the button clicked sound would loop infinitely. Bug fixed, in which, on certain ocassions, some enemies wouldn’t rotate, or some shield wouldn’t rotate. ——- Please Leave Feedback! ——-   The trophy system is quite new, so it’s bound to have a bug at some point. If you manage to find one, please say so in the comments section!   Please check out the artists that kindly lent me their music, and support them in any way possible!   See you soon!


Mnlk 1 month ago

Game Graphics Controls
I like the overall look, i like the music.
The mechanics are ok i guess.

Here are my points:

- the game's height seems to be too much (my display has 2560x1080). I could barely see the lowest line of 'enemies', also some text in the menu was cropped
- the main menu can be controlled with the mouse, while the game-over menu can only be controlled with keys. This should be consistent imho
- you cannot go back to the menu from a running game -> add an option to the 'pause' screen
- you can shoot with 'space', but only single shots. Why is the behavior different from clicking?
- the 'start game' button should be directly accessible and not hidden within the controls menu (or rename the 'controls' to something like 'next')
- optionally using the arrow keys (wasd) + space (enter) for controls would be nice. The enter key is just too far away from wasd when navigating the menu

Hope this helps!

Nanuk 1 month ago

Hey! Thanks for the feedback! Actually, the game is now version 0.6.0, I forgot to update it here... You can check the most recent version here:

Nanuk 1 month ago

Alright, I didn't see that you were referring to the newest version (my bad). Thank you for the feedback, I will work on those things for upcoming versions!

Henrik_Pontoppidan 1 month ago

Mechanics Controls
Very fun game!
I like the overall feel of the game and it's a very original concept (I haven't seen anything like it) however it does get a bit repetitive after a while and with controls that are a bit meh and inconsistent with clicking vs space and main menu using the mouse but the game over screen not etc.
Overall great game! would love to see it on mobile, I think thats where this type of game would shine!
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