Gravity Swap


Challenge yourself as you fly through the dangers that Gravity Swap throws at you.

Rise to the top in Endless mode or hone your skills in Challenge Mode. Play with only one touch and see how far you can go!

We need feedback so we can tweek the game, a few people have said it is too difficult but that was point! Had to put the download link from Google Play as the the APK is 26MB and this website won't upload APKs larger than 20MB!

More challenge soon!


BellBlitzKing 1 year ago

Level Design Game Graphics
Smooth experience, plays like an abstracted infinite runner although I feel I'm fare less in danger due to being a square. The primary obstacle/enemy is often just speed when surviving far into the game. Generally a good average game beat the high score. Suggestion below will make the game more Unique as oppose to just "good".

Improvement On Graphics:

1) TARGET: Appearance of play, level hazards, collectibles and interactive elements rarely change. Does every single ground hazard have to be a triangle? You can change the sprite every score ranks/minutes, to provide variety. After 15 minutes, I'm tired of triangles and squares. Changing the art at critical moments can be a subtle reward for the player.

1) DESIGN SOLUTION : Please see a game called ICY TOWER, it's a high-score survival game just like this, where they change the art while keeping the mechanics relatively the same. You can brag to friends that you survived to the Ice Zone, because reaching that Art Style means you lasted past 5000 points / 20 minutes-----it's a satisfying reward that the world changes.

2) TARGET: The interactive items & player should also vary more than this. If I've survived for 30 minutes, I'd be expected to pick up Gold glowing keys, as an example. When I first see the key, I know it's important, however when as an Important Item, I never feel like "I WANT that shiny KEY!". Instead it's just a passive pickup along a level, that never change form or shape. This include the player as a square. The boundary of the player may not be able to change, however other elements of your appearance can change as you advance, to make me feel more special for surviving.

a) THE KEY/ITEMS: Make me want it! Give it a glow, change it's color as you go along, give it sparks, give it an effects trail sometimes, make it a double-golden key! Keys come in all manner of shapes in real life too!
b) THE PLAYER: Make me change over time. Give me a new effects trail, change my square color, let my square have a face, give my square an inner glow and outer glow. Make me want to survive to get the electric abstract particles behind me and a neon two-color square. The player is the most interactive and long-lasting thing in the entire game, shouldn't I change & evolve even subtlety over time as I progress??
c) INTERACTIVE: Apply the above Progressive Variance concept to other art where possible. For example with the ghost-art: it could be a two-headed ghost sometimes; a small ghost inside a big ghost; it can be a ghost with fangs where is X face is. I'm unsure why there is a ghost in a world of abstract non-living shapes, but since real-life people are familiar with the concept of a ghost in games, stretch their imagination.

VexedDevelopment 1 year ago

Just wanted to take the time to thank you for your reply!
We have been asking around everywhere for good feedback to help us improve and no one has been useful at all until this post!
I will make sure that some of these suggestions are are put in asap :) Thank you again!

BellBlitzKing 1 year ago

You're welcome, and good luck!

EvilBearGaming 1 year ago

Tutorial/Learning Curve Mechanics
Overall the game itself is a simple concept. The problem with this is it is a bit too generic.

If you could find something that gives it that "something new" that players are looking for you could expand your player demographic.

New and different is the main thing that it needs. Not just with art but more than just the base mechanics. I would recommend one mechanic that differentiates your game from others in this genre while also not giving you more work in the long run.

DrDeathGaming 1 year ago

Physics Mechanics
I like the game but this is too generic

Nanuk 1 year ago

Mechanics Tutorial/Learning Curve
Super Hexagon, The Impossible Game, Wave Wave... Man I loved that era. Where did it all disappear to? Geometry Dash. I feel like that game had it all, and although I'm a huge fan of it, it got overwhelming: it made the rest feel obsolete. I'm more of a "this game has one mechanic, and it's really good at it" rather than: this game has all of it, so you don't need the rest. I actually find myself enjoying the prior games to it instead of the new one, just because sometimes I just want that specific thing, instead of the whole pack. Your game has one thing: gravity. I'm glad you stuck to it.

So what's my opinion on it? Let's start by saying that the learning curve could be better. It starts a bit too hard, and although the controls are easy, the gravity-speed ratio is a bit tedious to manage. I'm not saying that should be changed though, rather, the key placement. I really enjoy how you decided to loop the level, that was quite interesting, fun, and original, but it may get repetitive...

I understand music is the hardest thing to deal with, so it makes sense that there's only one song, but try to divide the song from the main menu and the level if possible.

The graphics: I love them. It fit's the theme, it's my style, and it's functional. I'm a full-fledged polygon freak and retro-gamer, so props there. I got a nostalgic Impossible Game vibe, which is something I like. I'm bad a criticizing here, so sorry for that.

The gameplay is weird. It's simple, but weird. I like that there are two play modes, but it feels like it will never progress, only get either longer and more difficult. If the only mechanic is flipping gravity (and I'm not saying that's a bad thing) why not add a timer? Penalize the player for switching too much repeadetly (I fouond myself staying in the middle of the screen by double tapping most of the hard sections of the first levels) or only let him loop the level 3 or 4 times. Build up on this, and you'll end up making an interesting game.

Good luck!

Overall score: 3/5

ytaha 1 year ago

Mechanics Animation
I don't have much to say but there is nearly no movement in the screen other than scrolling level and the player.

1 - Add screen shakes when hitting a wall or collecting an item
2 - Add collision and collecting particles, maybe a trail on the back of the player.
3 - Add more traps other than spikes and saws.
4 - Platforms might wobble a bit when you land on them.
5 - UI animations for the menu
6 - Add a separate soundtrack for the menu.

Although, it's a great game. I just wanted to say the gameplay is boring and repetitive in its current state.
Good luck!
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