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Dodge This

One shot, two kills.    Dodge This is a minimalist HTML5/web puzzle game with a very simple premise: eliminate all enemies with a single shot. There are, at the moment, 30 levels. Try to achieve the par on each!  

Animation Controls

+ surprisingly, there's no "audio/music" as favourite aspect. i liked the music, fits very well with the theme;

- graphics are indeed too small, it's very difficult to tell what is what; i bumped into traps and died because i had no idea what those were. with bigger graphics you'd have the option to tell the player better what is a trap (since you can't colour code items due to the theme);
- during intro, you should display (space to skip) or accept any input, key or mouse, to skip (it's not obvious unless you're a game fanatic)
- accept arrow keys for controls as well, or add an option to redefine controls
- i don't particularly like that i have to mash the direction keys to move, perhaps experiment with "move while direction key is pressed" as well;
- difficulty is unforgiving; consider adding difficulty levels: a normal mode where you have infinite lives, a hard mode (the existing one) and a hardcore mode (where you lose the game after the first death);
- you should add text for help as well (e.g. use direction keys to move, use space to do stuff, etc);
- the "stick to the walls" bug is very annoying :)

4 weeks ago
Mechanics Game Graphics

i would assume canabalt was your inspiration for this? :) in this regard, the controls and mechanics are fairly good. i'm not sure about the wall climbing mechanics though, i think they slow down the game. also, it's not immediately obvious that you can't double jump unless you have the power up, so i would suggest to add a glow to the character when he can double jump.

the character stance is very weird, he runs like he has back problems, it's kind of off putting for such a game :)

the graphics are rather raw, i think you need some art direction in this.

i'm not very fond of the ninja theme either. perhaps something like an android escaping a testing facility, like in "I, Robot", maybe using the "space robot kyle" free asset from the unity store as a starting point would work better overall.

4 weeks ago

thank you for the review!

the control scheme is in this way because of the game also runs on mobile browsers and when the drop zone is near the edges, it's awkward to have it the other way around. but it may be possible to add an option to have "reverse" controls or something.

level unfairness is kind of on purpose, but perhaps i should move these levels where you have to bounce off circles toward the end.

2 weeks ago

Dodge This