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Dodge This

One shot, two kills.    Dodge This is a minimalist HTML5/web puzzle game with a very simple premise: eliminate all enemies with a single shot. There are, at the moment, 30 levels. Try to achieve the par on each!  


Swooden is a cute physics puzzle web game (HTML5), from the balancing sub-genre. The goal is to place all the blocks in perfect balance. In some levels, the gravity is reversed, while in others, dangers abound. Try to beat all 28 levels and try to build most amazing structures!  

Purrtastic Four

Purrtastic Four is a minimalist physics puzzle web game with a twist. The goal is to place all cats...or throw them so they end up in perfect balance!   Follow the four cats in their adventure across 30 levels!

Dog And Ball Forever

Dog And Ball Forever is a physics puzzle web game, where the goal is to draw shapes and help the dogs get the balls. Or the balls get the dogs.There are 30 levels at the moment. Complete them by drawing efficient to get stars, that you can spend in the shop to unlock new dogs, balls and a sheep. Try to complete levels in various combinations, as the physics are fairly different!Good luck and have fun!


Blockets is a retro-themed arcade puzzle, that can be played in the browser. The goal is to place blocks in the grid and fill lines and columns. Complete lines to get score points and energy. Achieving combos will grant additional score and energy!Watch out for the count-down timer! If it expires before completing a line, an obstacle will be created. But do not fret! You can use energy to remove the obstacle - simply click on it!The game will automatically submit the high-score if you're logged in. Can you beat my high-score? :)Enjoy!

Wiggly Things

Wiggly Things is an arcade web game (HTML5) where you match the things to eat the correct candies. As the things feed, they wiggle and they grow! Grow them to the target to progress. The game becomes more difficult as you advance through the levels, so try to reach the highest score! Have fun and thanks for playing!


Drople is an arcade web(HTML5) game, with minimalist art. The goal is to shoot balls, destroy the blocks that come at you, collect more balls to shoot and do not, I repeat, do not let the blocks rise to the top!Try to achieve the best score!The game works with mouse, touch-pad and touch-screens controls and can be played on any browser and any device. On Android devices, it will automatically go full-screen (if it doesn't do so, click the full-screen button under the game!)Not my most original work, but I hope you'll have some fun playing it!

Wobbly Dot

Wobbly Dot is my latest browser game, a minimalist arcade where you'll need fast reflexes to guide the dot to the target. Simple enough...but the dot is not moving a straight line!Collect the stars in each of the 30 levels by finishing within the time limit. Use the stars in the shop to unlock more avatars.Good luck and have fun!

Animation Controls

+ surprisingly, there's no "audio/music" as favourite aspect. i liked the music, fits very well with the theme;

- graphics are indeed too small, it's very difficult to tell what is what; i bumped into traps and died because i had no idea what those were. with bigger graphics you'd have the option to tell the player better what is a trap (since you can't colour code items due to the theme);
- during intro, you should display (space to skip) or accept any input, key or mouse, to skip (it's not obvious unless you're a game fanatic)
- accept arrow keys for controls as well, or add an option to redefine controls
- i don't particularly like that i have to mash the direction keys to move, perhaps experiment with "move while direction key is pressed" as well;
- difficulty is unforgiving; consider adding difficulty levels: a normal mode where you have infinite lives, a hard mode (the existing one) and a hardcore mode (where you lose the game after the first death);
- you should add text for help as well (e.g. use direction keys to move, use space to do stuff, etc);
- the "stick to the walls" bug is very annoying :)

6 months ago
Mechanics Game Graphics

i would assume canabalt was your inspiration for this? :) in this regard, the controls and mechanics are fairly good. i'm not sure about the wall climbing mechanics though, i think they slow down the game. also, it's not immediately obvious that you can't double jump unless you have the power up, so i would suggest to add a glow to the character when he can double jump.

the character stance is very weird, he runs like he has back problems, it's kind of off putting for such a game :)

the graphics are rather raw, i think you need some art direction in this.

i'm not very fond of the ninja theme either. perhaps something like an android escaping a testing facility, like in "I, Robot", maybe using the "space robot kyle" free asset from the unity store as a starting point would work better overall.

6 months ago

thank you for the review!

the control scheme is in this way because of the game also runs on mobile browsers and when the drop zone is near the edges, it's awkward to have it the other way around. but it may be possible to add an option to have "reverse" controls or something.

level unfairness is kind of on purpose, but perhaps i should move these levels where you have to bounce off circles toward the end.

6 months ago
Game Graphics Controls

i liked the concept of it and the graphics are stylish.

it feels like the avatar has too much inertia and it's very difficult to approach the ball on the trajectory you'd like. also, the interaction between ball and avatar seems not predictable. frankly, all goals i scored were by weird bounces...it feels like by lucky mistakes :D

5 months ago

thank you for playing and for taking the time to review it!

indeed, you make a valid point with showing previous trajectory or target. i do plan some improvements and extra levels for it later on this year (if it somehow gathers more traction), i'll make sure to include such feature in the next release.

4 months ago

thank you for playing and for the roast! :)

4 months ago

thank you for your review!

you may play it in any mobile browser as the controls will adapt depending on the platform. on android (at least any recent ones), the game will be put in full-screen automatically, but if it doesn't, there's a small full-screen button under the game. have fun! ;)

4 months ago

thank you for the feedback, i'll keep it in mind for the next release!

4 months ago

thank you all for playing!

candies start falling slow, and as you progress, they will fall faster. you can select, from the main menu, the starting "level", if you want to start from more challenging levels.

1 month ago

thanks for playing and for feedback!

as you progress, more complicated shapes will appear (5-piece blocks). i'll consider adding a hard mode, where you'll get right from the start 5- and 6- piece blocks, for players that want a challenge.

1 month ago
Mechanics Game Graphics

it took me half minute to get a hang of the controls. after the 3rd try, finished the game.

the level design feels very random at the moment. various obstacle mechanics, to challenge the player, would really help.

consider switching to portrait mode, i think, since it's a "climber" type of game, it would help the player see more of the playing field.

if you get some nice graphics, work on the level design and polish the hell out of it, it would be a quite a good hyper-casual game.

1 month ago
Game Graphics Controls

liked the graphics, they give a very clean look. overall, the game looked polished, with all the cinematics, voice-overs, etc.

not a big fan of the control scheme, something seems off. also, on windows and chrome, pressing control key (crouch) will interfere with the browser function. it would be nice to fire while in the air or while crouching, too.

i made it to the fight with the first big yellow robot, and abandoned there. i just jumped, in place, and shot, didn't seem to be enough tactics involved.

it kind of reminded me of Another World, but unfortunately, i'm not in the crowd of platform game players :)

1 month ago

oh wow, thanks for playing and thanks for the detailed feedback. you've made good suggestions, when it'll be time again to update this game, i'll implement some of them!

1 month ago

hey! thank you for playing!

to exit the game, bring up the pause menu; inside the pause menu, opposite the "x", it's the "exit game" button.

orange boxes: i've toyed with different mechanics for them; i've settled for this one where you have to memorise its pattern, but perhaps i should fade it in slowly, to leave the player room to escape.

2 weeks ago

Dodge This

Olaf the Boozer

Wiggly Things