Purrtastic Four


Purrtastic Four is a minimalist physics puzzle web game with a twist. The goal is to place all cats...or throw them so they end up in perfect balance!   Follow the four cats in their adventure across 30 levels!


MathiasTaki 4 years ago

Physics Mechanics
Nice game, I enjoyed it.
I think Purratastic Four is pretty funny and makes you your brain work.

I also think the difficulty curve a pretty high and a bit uneven (like lv 3 is harder than lv 4 for me)
What is disliked the most is the "waiting" time when checking if every pieces are placed probably while you know that one already felt outside.

I would also suggest you to indicate how many levels there are while playing (like "lv 5 out of 30") that would help to give a sense of accomplishment to the player.

Keep it up , I think it's a nice game to pass time. :)

Karg 4 years ago

thank you for the feedback, i'll keep it in mind for the next release!

LostDutchman 4 years ago

Mechanics Mechanics
This was a lot of fun and so well polished! I think the level menu looks great, the title screen is a treat (the music there is really fun), and the game play is simple to understand, fun, and a little challenging. I stopped on level 6 so it might get a lot more challenging! I was sad that the fun title screen music was not in the game itself, maybe it gets old? Anyway the biggest issue I came across was that the checking timer keeps counting down even after one of the cats is off the screen. If you fix that and put this gem on Android I would play the heck out of it!

Karg 4 years ago

thank you for your review!

you may play it in any mobile browser as the controls will adapt depending on the platform. on android (at least any recent ones), the game will be put in full-screen automatically, but if it doesn't, there's a small full-screen button under the game. have fun! ;)

wordcloudsarecool 4 years ago

Game Graphics Level Design
I love the graphics of this game. The characters are very cute. The physics is nice. However, some minor points you could improve on:
* Perhaps it could fail you immediately if one cat falls of, it sucks to have to wait when you already know you failed.
* Right now if you select the wrong cat you cant switch to a different one, forcing you to restart the level. Perhaps allow swtitching the selected cat.
* Too many levels hinge on precise timing rather than any puzzle solving or anything. Perpaps focus less on trial-and-error levels and more on the puzzle levels.
Overall, I really liked the game and think with a little work it could be a real gem. Good luck!
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