Between Two Worlds


Between Two Worlds is a 2D platformer game with adventure, science and mystery. You play as Mr. Quinn, an eccentric but hardworking scientist who gets stuck in a strange future world after his time machine breaks down. Quinn must find a way to travel back in time if he ever hopes to return to his home. Enter an unexplored world full of strange inhabitants, surprises and finally unravel the end to this amazing quest.

Try it now : https://ghazia.itch.io/between-two-worlds


CoderInTheVillage 1 month ago

Game Graphics Level Design
cool design, I love pastels

Ghazia 1 month ago

Glad you liked it dude

InvadeTech 1 month ago

Game Graphics Game Graphics
There's no download link. :/

I wanted to play test this

Ghazia 1 month ago

Here it is - https://ghazia.itch.io/between-two-worlds

Karg 1 month ago

Game Graphics Controls
liked the graphics, they give a very clean look. overall, the game looked polished, with all the cinematics, voice-overs, etc.

not a big fan of the control scheme, something seems off. also, on windows and chrome, pressing control key (crouch) will interfere with the browser function. it would be nice to fire while in the air or while crouching, too.

i made it to the fight with the first big yellow robot, and abandoned there. i just jumped, in place, and shot, didn't seem to be enough tactics involved.

it kind of reminded me of Another World, but unfortunately, i'm not in the crowd of platform game players :)

Ghazia 1 month ago

The fact that someone played my game makes me feel very happy, thank you for that.

After publishing the game, it came to my notice that Ctrl + D (crouching + strafing right) pops up the chrome's bookmark menu so I'll consider changing that.

The reason why shooting while jumping isn't a thing because I assumed that the protagonist being a scientist won't be good at gun skills + it would make the game fairly easy to conquer + I love challenging games :P

Btw, you can shoot while crouching. I purposefully added the robot dog thingy just to make the player learn about that skill (you crouch shoot to kill them), I guess you just jumped over them lol. Thanks for mentioning it, I'll fix that in the learning curve.

Props to you that you made it to the Boss Level (big yellow robot). It gets interesting once you enrage the boss and it evolves to be stronger and bigger, then you have to figure out how to tackle his moves and defeat him, I bet you'll the feel the emotion of defeating something big.

The game doesn't end there, it has more to it (multiple endings). I'll appreciate if you give it one more shot.
Please and Thank You.

DeadHeadStd 3 weeks ago

Game Graphics Mechanics
Interesting graphics, but boring gameplay
Roast Em