Polychoron is a simple but challenging zero-gravity 3D shoot'em up in endless series of unique mazes. Designed for hassle-free short game sessions. Available on Windows, Linux, Android and Web.

Navigate your way through mazes filled with hostile drones and deadly machinery. Survive longer, take out more hostiles and collect more score than others to get your name on the global high score table.

The game is currently in development and I'm looking for feedback!

  • Added intro/menu music by DavilOne.
  • Added ambient cockpit sound loop.
  • Made score power-ups automatically move towards player.
  • Open menu automatically to pause game if mouse capture is lost unexpectedly.
  • Improved ESC key behavior in the web version.
  • Play thruster sounds directly based user controls (less realistic, feels more responsive).
  • Stop all looping sounds when game is paused.
  • Added looping sound to active teleports and changed teleport entry sound.
  • Added better ship collision sound with multiple variants.
  • Changed player ship damage sound.
  • Limit laser trap looping sound audible range.
  • Added shield module power-up.
  • Made fire rate increase power-up persistent between levels but only last for 100 shots.
  • Show active ship modules in the right HUD.
  • Made multiplier power-up look like an X instead of plus sign that people mistook for health.
  • Use a separate high score table in the mobile version.
  • Fixed sentry gun projectile damage not increasing with enemy "toughness".
  • Made mobile version enemies a bit easier.
  • Show random gameplay tips at bottom of menu.
  • Added sounds on missed projectiles hitting maze walls.
  • Use Butler to push updates to (works much better with Itch application).
  • Rewrote power box placement logic to avoid overlapping lights and other wall texture details.
  • Added random panel meshes on walls.

  • A few more enemy types.
  • A few more power-up types.
  • Configurable controls.
  • General improvements in graphics, audio and gameplay.


Karg 2 weeks ago

Controls Level Design
reminds me of a minimalist version of descent, i think you've managed to capture the spirit of that classic game.

i couldn't find any way to regenerate health. i expected the green thingies that pop after you kill an enemy would heal, but apparently they don't? they seem to grant score points? in any case, i found myself at level 3 with 3% life and died soon after. perhaps regenerate the health to full at the beginning of the level?

in the first couple of levels, it would be helpful to paint the walls with signs, i felt lost navigating around. also, the fact that you have to destroy those red thingies to open gates, it's not very straight-forward. perhaps it's better to add old-school keys/keycards and color-code the gates?

the portal that activates the level end, i think it should really scream "this is the exit!!!!!". it took me a while to figure out that that was really the exit and not some glitch/visual effect.

fractilegames 2 weeks ago

Thanks for playing the game!

There is no way to regain heath, although some power-ups like the shield module will help you avoid taking damage. This is intentional and unlikely to change.

It seems I will have to make it more obvious to the player how things work. I have some ideas on how to make navigating easier. Perhaps adding actual wires going from the power boxes (the red thingies) to the laser screen would make it more clear that destroying them will turn the screen off.

As for the level exit teleports, I didn't know they are that unclear. I don't know which version you played, but in the web version the teleports do look boring due to the lack of distortion effects. I will see if I can find some way to make them look more like exits.

Dyuozor 1 week ago

Game Graphics Controls
Reminds me a lot of descent.
I like the simple graphics and the atmosphere in general.
You really get a claustrophobic/lost feeling. The music is great too.

I enjoyed the gameplay, my only problem is that the controls are a little bit too loose.
I understand that it's a space game and you are trying to give that feeling of floating but I think the game would gain if it had slightly tighter controls.

misha 6 days ago

Mechanics Tutorial/Learning Curve
I like the mechanics, it's quite fun.

I had troubles reading the blue on black text popping up at the top of the screen, so I have no idea what it was saying.

Also, it wasn't very clear from the very beginning what am I doing there and how. In the first play I got killed without any understanding what just happened. In the second play I figured out that I'm in zero gravity and I need to shoot those red things shooting back at me. After clearing the whole level and flying through the dim purple circle without anything happening, I somehow stumbled up the brighter purple circle, which got me to the next level, where I got killed again. In the third play I tried pressing various buttons and figured out that Q and E rotate you, which was exactly what I needed, but still got killed. The fourth play after noticing the red energy gates I started to think that maybe I need to open them somehow, and maybe the other red things attached to the walls can help me with that. And so on. What I haven't figured out is what do the different green things do.

fractilegames 6 days ago

Thank you for the feedback!

I assume you played the web version because it has a bug that makes the text color much darker blue than in the other versions. I will have to fix that at some point.

The game does need to make the objectives more clear and add some instructions. Currently the controls are only documented in readme.txt -file and on the website. There will be an in-game help screen once I have implemented configurable controls. As for the level exit teleports, laser screens, and the green things (score and score multiplier items to collect), I need to make them more intuitive. I'm trying to avoid adding a tutorial. We'll see if I have to change my mind..
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