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Adrox 11 months ago

Game Graphics Mechanics
Still in a very base state. Needs a lot of working on my opinion!

Specially identifying what the power-ups do?

bearlikelion 11 months ago

Thank you for the feedback!
I am planning on creating a tutorial scene walking through the mechanics but since things are developing so rapidly I don't want to repeat the work yet.
The power up grants one boost, allowing you to boost forward while jumping in the air, by jumping while in the air.

Karg 10 months ago

Mechanics Game Graphics
i would assume canabalt was your inspiration for this? :) in this regard, the controls and mechanics are fairly good. i'm not sure about the wall climbing mechanics though, i think they slow down the game. also, it's not immediately obvious that you can't double jump unless you have the power up, so i would suggest to add a glow to the character when he can double jump.

the character stance is very weird, he runs like he has back problems, it's kind of off putting for such a game :)

the graphics are rather raw, i think you need some art direction in this.

i'm not very fond of the ninja theme either. perhaps something like an android escaping a testing facility, like in "I, Robot", maybe using the "space robot kyle" free asset from the unity store as a starting point would work better overall.

40wattstudio 4 months ago

Game Graphics Animation
Simple but fun little demo. I got a High Score of 724.

I like the parallax scrolling effect and how the game gives you audio feedback if you die (fart sound) or pass your last high score marker (cheers). Since you can't stop running, I thought it was a good idea to allow the Ninja to sometimes get one last jump to get back on a building.

Like another said, the Ninja running stance looks strange, especially with his hands behind his back. This might look better if you simply put a sword on his back to make him look more Ninja-like or maybe just redo the animation altogether.

It wasn't until after I played the game that I read that the green buildings speed you up and red buildings slow you down. This should be a bit more obvious within the game itself.

newludio 3 months ago

Mechanics Animation
I thought it was a fun simple game to enjoy in my spare time. however i felt like the start time was way too slow and found myself getting frustrated quickly every time I hit a building. i
I also feel like you should give a mini tutorial to show how the game works before the player starts as i got quite confused. The game requires a few more elements to be added to the game play so it would be more engaging. aside from that the mechanics were good and responsive.
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