Wiggly Things


Wiggly Things is an arcade web game (HTML5) where you match the things to eat the correct candies. As the things feed, they wiggle and they grow! Grow them to the target to progress.

The game becomes more difficult as you advance through the levels, so try to reach the highest score!

Have fun and thanks for playing!


harshpoddar 5 months ago

Controls Level Design
I feel the falling things need to be faster, which will make the level more challenging. Also, introduce new things like falling bombs which cant be eaten.

Johanw 5 months ago

Love the graphics.

I thought that things moved a bit too slow.

WaffleStackDev 5 months ago

Animation Controls
I like it. The ability to move your selected monster with the arrow keys would be nice. Maybe another button to cycle between the monsters.

kiki2773 5 months ago

Game Graphics Controls
Overall the game is great... The falling balls could probably be a little fast but great job.

Karg 5 months ago

thank you all for playing!

candies start falling slow, and as you progress, they will fall faster. you can select, from the main menu, the starting "level", if you want to start from more challenging levels.

kiki2773 5 months ago

Ok Thanks.... You can also give my game a roast as well giving your honest feedback/review.

haiyoooo 5 months ago

Animation Tutorial/Learning Curve
Very polished game, love how they wriggle and the lerps. Nice art. Great feedback whenever i click or get/lose a ball. Once i figured out my controls, I know exactly what my goals are and how to get there.

I couldn't figure out how to start on a later level from the front page, the speed increases were also a little too slow for me. So I only played past the first level.

I played on PC, and was momentarily confused by controls for a while.

It took me a while (before the first ball reached) to figure out what the instructions were referring to. As a person not knowing this game, everything on the screen is a "Thing" and hence I didn't know a thingy referred specifically to the creature, I was trying to move the fruit at first (maybe biased from Tetris).

Currently, the fingers are positioned in the sky way above the wriggly itself, which made me think I had to wait to tap the fruit. The yellow arrow that popped up and the lack of response from the fruit eventually allowed me to figure out the Controls.

Overall great work :) I had a hard time figuring out what needed most work, since everything was at such a high quality.

Hex_Game_Studio 4 months ago

Level Design Level Design
Pretty game! But Level1-5 is a bit tedious

orlando 4 months ago

Game Graphics Controls
The core concep of the game is fun, animation, ¨juice feel¨ and controls should improve thought, having to click the monster i want to move every time is anoying i would rather sweep them to diferent places like candy crush candies, or at least keep my last selected monster always selected instead of deselecting it once i move.

speed for the candy can be greater also, some times i just got bored waiting for the candy to drop.

as for juice and feel you could have the monsters wiggle a lot more or have some nicer explosiones on contact.

it is a good base, some more work and polish.
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