Drople is an arcade web(HTML5) game, with minimalist art. The goal is to shoot balls, destroy the blocks that come at you, collect more balls to shoot and do not, I repeat, do not let the blocks rise to the top!

Try to achieve the best score!

The game works with mouse, touch-pad and touch-screens controls and can be played on any browser and any device. On Android devices, it will automatically go full-screen (if it doesn't do so, click the full-screen button under the game!)

Not my most original work, but I hope you'll have some fun playing it!


mindfog_gamez 4 months ago

Game Graphics
Nice pleasant game with simple mechanics.


1) Make more shape types and their variations: rotate triangles with 90dg step, trapezoid shape, moon-like shapes etc. This will bring great variety to main mechanic of the game - ball bouncing.

2) Music should not stop, loop it. Also there can be really short few tracks (or same track with more instruments, or same instruments should just change their filter params, become less muffled and stuff like that) that will change along the progression of the game, so a player could hear when have reached a new stage, that he didn't before.

3) Blocks decoration - optionally you can add a mouth to a "face set" of every block to make a wider range of expressions.

3.1) Animate block's face expressions, like when a ball hits the block he squints his yeys, when a ball is really close he makes scared 0.0 expression and so on, and when a ball passes below not touching the block the face will mock in it's direction be pulling it's tongue or something like that).
Also we need a sound when a ball hits (not kills) the block.
Also while in idle state eyes of blocks can track the position of the closest ball towards them.

3.2) Default/idle face expression of the block can be based on it's durability number: weak/scared/humble expressions on 1-3, poker face on 4-5, serious military-like face on 6-8, "fukk yeah" face 9+ and so on.

4) Make one-timed "abilities". Right now you have only one - +1 ball to clip size till the end of the game.
Make more frequent but one-timed abilities, Those could be picked up by player by hitting with the ball the icon of that ability (same way like you have now), or a certain random block only in some particular turn must be struc at least once to get it. And so that abilities appear random just for one turn in free space or "in the block" for player to have a chance to collect.

4.1) Those abilities can be made to apply to:
a) only the next turn for all balls in the clip
b) only the next turn for the 1st ball in the clip
c) can be displayed on the top panel as avaliable to player whenever he decides to activate it (best way, imho). This way a game will bring an extra tactical mechanic to it

4.2) The abilities themselves can be:
a) super-ball, 2 dmg per hit
b) ghost-ball goes through blocks hitting them per time period (so the underlying tough blocks can be reached)
c) rubber ball, extra-bounciness
d) shrapnell, instead of 1 - 2-4 much smaller balls is being shot
e) wavers, spinners (balls moving trajectory will be not straight but in a sligh sinewave or a spiral-like)
f) time-stop (no new blocks appear on the next turn)
g) demolisher (destroyes the first block the ball have hit)
and so on.

5) Also the ball should never lose it's bouncing amplitude completely, when a ball in the end just lies down on the block and gets removed is kinda frustrating. At least make it explode (with animation) and do one more damage point to the block he rests on.

6) Leaderboard

With all of the stuff above this game will be awesome.

Cheers :)

Karg 4 months ago

oh wow, thanks for playing and thanks for the detailed feedback. you've made good suggestions, when it'll be time again to update this game, i'll implement some of them!
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