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You are the first man on earth that can slide on walls and the public wants you to put up a show for them.Wallslide is a 3D platformer with tight controls, big jumps and wallrunning.There is currently only 8 levels but im constantly generating ideas for new ones, also currently there is not much "filler" levels, they will be added later.

Story/Writing/Dialogue Controls

Needs more player<->game feedback.
- Needs particles
- Add delay between completing the level and showing the "you win" panel with stars
- The board is not centered, this is triggering my ocd (it was probably done intentionally but it's a poor decision)
- Try to make as many things as possible not instantaneous, add animations and stuff
Its nice that you centered around one mechanic, you need to focus not on adding more content but on polishing everything,
I recommend you watch this -

4 years ago

Thank you for the feedback!
1. I will definitely look into that
2. Actually starting from level ~8 it becomes impossible or very hard to complete levels that way because you need to gain more and more speed, im also planning to add speedrun mode and timers plus some levels will feature walls that get closer and closer to you and crush you if you stand still so i think that will help.

4 years ago