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Mechanics Level Design

This was fun! Thanks for making and posting! I think the mechanics were a lot of fun to play with! Thanks again:)

3 years ago

Thanks! I will do that!

3 years ago

Thank you! Will definitely revisit those, it needs a pause screen and I can hide the cursor once I do that...and I agree, the movement is unwieldy at times, will play around with that as well. Were you able to get to the ending? Thank you for the feedback, and for your review!

3 years ago

Cool! You can fly up into the ship and take it down for a brief credits sequence once the shield is down! It's a bit of a hand-cramper, but the hangar bay should be accessible once the towers are gone--thanks again for your time!

3 years ago
Mechanics Animation

Car Launch is great! Super clean and simple--seems like a perfect mobile game, though I have been grinding the PC version for the past hour or so! Super clean and simple, great UI, well balanced upgrade system...diverse attributes to upgrade, Great Sounds! Seriously, for what it is...9/10! Having a ton of fun! Thanks! Any improvement to 'Boost' sounds/animation would help but isn't entirely necessary- great build! Personal best is 1.47km and everything up to about lvl 14 at the moment!

3 years ago

Meant to say 'solid and sturdy' there instead of repeating 'Clean and simple'--still playing, mind is wandering!

3 years ago

Car Launch