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Tear Point

This is pretty much my first official scratch game made for a project. Move mouse in opposite directions to move character. The further away the mouse from the character the faster he travels.   Enjoy!

Mechanics Animation

Your game was pretty fun but adding some dynamic movement to the camera when in combat to make the player imersed is not a bad idea. Overall, good game I love it.

4 months ago
Game Graphics Mechanics

It may just be me, but I feel like the same is too slow paced. It is fun but the fun goes away eventually. But with some fast movement action, it would keep players on their toes.

4 months ago

Thank you for your feedback I should consider it a prototype and work better on the Graphics and music

4 months ago
Game Graphics

The game is really fun and I like how there is no global source of lighting. It makes it more realistic. I know I'm supposed to give you something to improve on but it seems perfect to me.

4 months ago
Mechanics Game Graphics

I love the concept and originality. Mechanics were pretty fun to mess with. The graphics though could use more work. A little bit of post processing and lighting tweaks should do the trick. Also try making the platforms a little reflective to help with detailing the environment

4 months ago