A hyper casual game, where you have a car with lase blast all the incoming elements and make the highest score.

first version

Nothing in pipe line


Mar 4 years ago

UI Graphics Level Design
This is a pretty polished game. However, I quickly grew bored after a few runs. Some variety in the gameplay would be nice. I liked how the blocks fall at different speeds in the lanes, but something more would give it replay-ability. I actually think that the sound effects and music you use is very effective, and sets up the atmosphere well. Overall I think that it's a fine game, but it needs more elements to be a good one.

Arjan 4 years ago

Animation Level Design
I love the game when it will be finished. There need to be things improved. You get bored after a few tries, however it the sound effects makes it much better. Destroying the blocks and going to left and right is very cool, however it is a bit static. It is not dynamic, there are no turns. Even other colors on the track would it make more fun. Like 25 is green, 50 is red, 100 is purple...
Overall this is a fun and promising game. Make it more dynamic with colors and different tracks.

NightOwlGamingLLC 4 years ago

Game Graphics Level Design
I enjoyed the aesthetic of the game and the concept was enjoyable to play. It really just needs some more fleshed out levels with variety to feel like a full game. Adding in more tracks with different shapes and decorations on them will go a long way towards completing this one.

Roxicaro 4 years ago

Game Graphics UI Graphics
I really like the aesthetic and how it's consistent. I would replace the sound effect for breaking blocks as it's the only thing that doesn't fit the theme at all. The UI could use a bit more of work.
Overall the game has potential in my opinion! Keep it up.
Roast Em

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