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Mining Boi _ Space Miner Sim

I'm just starting out with game development for fun and this is my very first project. It's still in its early stages of development. I'm developing it as I learn new things. Upgrade your ship as you mine for profits!

Physics Level Design

Things I liked:
- The starting menu and the fact that High-scores are saved;
- The sound effects;
- The hability to control my ship with different input methods;

Things I think need work:
- The score board in the center of the stage is an interesting design choice, but it takes way too much space in my opinion;
- I would be nice if the B'soids were easier to see

3 years ago

Thank you for the feedback! I agree with you. Finding an interesting end goal has been a challenge to me. Any ideas?

3 years ago

That's great feed back. Thanks for all the suggestions. I kinda like the mouse movement, though the programing could be improved. I'll work on adding keyboard movement.
It makes a lot of sense to have a single button for a variety of actions.
Finding and interesting purpose for mining has been a challenge to me. Any ideas?

3 years ago

I appreciate your feedback very much! By what you said, it seems the game resolution didn't ajust right to your computer's so you couldn't se the HUD.
The HUD shows your cargo capacity (it explains why you couldn't get more ore), your laser energy (why your laser turned off), your fuel (why your thruster shut off) and your money.
I'm getting a lot of feedback on the controls, so I'm definitelly going to add keyboard controls. I'll also work on adding clickable buttons to the shop.
Thank you again for your feedback!

3 years ago
Game Graphics UI Graphics

I really like the aesthetic and how it's consistent. I would replace the sound effect for breaking blocks as it's the only thing that doesn't fit the theme at all. The UI could use a bit more of work.
Overall the game has potential in my opinion! Keep it up.

3 years ago

Thank you. That's great feedback! I'll keep working on it and make sure to focus on the resolution issues and improving the menus.

3 years ago

Mining Boi _ Space Miner Sim