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Dino Dusty Run

As you can see this is improvised version of chrome dino. I try to make it a bit diffrenet. please share you views, !!!Nervos!!!


Music + Acoustic + Guitar + Endless^^   A music game for kids , adults and anyone who love soothing sound of guitar. It is not another any Instruments games or Rhythm game.   You will see when you play it.   This game can be music activities for kids , time killer for adults or challenge to gamer.   I have guitar chords, drum rolls and many more things. 6 guitar strings are ready to play, with high quality sounds,  Nice game play, Wonder full power ups, Beautiful formations.   This game lots of thing to offer, See your self. Also this is endless free game, Boom Boom, what else you can expect.   Make your beautiful day even brighter.

Super Car

A hyper casual game, where you have a car with lase blast all the incoming elements and make the highest score.

Glass Smasher

A new addictive game for the you guys,   you have steel balls, glasses are thrown at you from random directions, swipe screen to to aim and break the glass, some glass are hard to break, make use of full power,   Chained glass will bring higher difficulty,   Hang in there, and make the highest score, that no one can beat,    Play on, Cheers.

Rising Santa

Another Super casual game for you guys, A perfect time killer.   Make sure santa don't got hit by any obstacle and collects all the gifts, Gifts would make santa fuel filled,   Kids are waiting for there gifts, so don't let your santa fade away.   There are lots of obstacle and some are extremely difficult to beat, you have to be too focused to avoid them.    An endless runner santa run.   Cheers

Story/Writing/Dialogue Animation

Hi, was just playing your game and feel kind of different game, you can say story line wise of game play wise. But the implementation can be better.

1 year ago

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