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Ellipsoid (Orbital Puzzle Game)

ROAST MINE AND I'LL ROAST YOURS. Your ship's navigation system was severly damaged! The only way to make it home is use the surrounding planets gravity. Can you make it?

Game Graphics Level Design

The tasks that the player has t complete in each level feel more like completing a list than accomplishing anything fun. Try modifying your mechanics to give the game some play-ability. For example, during the fight with Vision, you could set a timer for the button presses, making it into more of a quick time event. This would add some urgency and interest to the gameplay.

3 years ago
UI Graphics Level Design

This is a pretty polished game. However, I quickly grew bored after a few runs. Some variety in the gameplay would be nice. I liked how the blocks fall at different speeds in the lanes, but something more would give it replay-ability. I actually think that the sound effects and music you use is very effective, and sets up the atmosphere well. Overall I think that it's a fine game, but it needs more elements to be a good one.

3 years ago

Hey man! Thanks for checking out the game! Weird, I haven't seen that before. The ship should have 1 velocity. You're clicking and dragging around the planets right? If the planet is right in front of where the ship is flying then it would accelerate towards the planet, but otherwise it shouldnt. I'll have to check that out.

I'll give you a review too

3 years ago

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