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Car Rush

A formula based game with a lot of fun! You are racing against your friend in 1Vs1 or racing against the time. Can you get the best time? Watch out for the barriers and race through different race tracks!

Animation Level Design

I love the game when it will be finished. There need to be things improved. You get bored after a few tries, however it the sound effects makes it much better. Destroying the blocks and going to left and right is very cool, however it is a bit static. It is not dynamic, there are no turns. Even other colors on the track would it make more fun. Like 25 is green, 50 is red, 100 is purple...
Overall this is a fun and promising game. Make it more dynamic with colors and different tracks.

1 year ago
Level Design Tutorial/Learning Curve

What a hard but fun game!
Sound effects are okay and your menu's looks great.

1 year ago

Super Car

Die Again

Forest of monsters