Smash Ringtail Cat


An evil scientist known as Dr. Glitcher has a plan to glitch up the entire planet with his multiple ultimate weapons, with one that would glitch up the entire world! Only one with the powerful bond between family and friends would have to save the world and become the ultimate glitch annihilators.

Version 1.4.0 Available Now!

Version 1.3.3

  • 90% Controller Support (Just a few bugs to tackle)
  • More Gameplay Improvements
  • New Backgrounds
  • All Character Sprites are updated
  • New physics for one of the characters

  • Full Controller Support
  • New Enemy Sprites
  • New SFX


prajwalatyoyogames 1 month ago

Level Design Game Graphics
artwork could be better.

GlassSeastar 1 month ago

Hey thanks for the feedback. The next update will make improvements on updating the graphics/backgrounds.

SpaceMan 1 month ago

Controls Game Graphics
the game has potential but it needs a lot of work in graphics and level designing

GlassSeastar 1 month ago

Thanks for the feedback! In tomorrow's update most of the backgrounds/graphics will be improved.

TeamEinherjar 4 weeks ago

Tutorial/Learning Curve Game Graphics
simple to get into, but like many others said already needs some work on the graphics department.

GlassSeastar 4 weeks ago

Thanks for the feedback! Tomorrow's update will have improved backgrounds/graphics.

MrPeace 3 weeks ago

Controls Game Graphics
the idea of your game is good but the graphics are bad. BUT THUMBS UP BRO CAUSE I KNOW HOW HARD IS MAKE A VIDEO GAME ;)

GlassSeastar 3 weeks ago

Thanks for the feedback. And I know that making a game by myself is hard to do, so thanks for understanding! :)

superskyphoenix03 3 weeks ago

Controls Story/Writing/Dialogue
So, I just played the game :).It is very...interesting. Graphics need a lot of work, and I feel as some of the level music could be swapped w/ each other(like the beginning level, and world 2's music should be swapped especially).I keep running into this glitch, where Smash keeps randomly slowing down, and it causes an error that states "Parent not found" and makes me have to restart the game. It happens quite frequently. Luckily the save/load are a thing, so I saved often. I made it all the way to Dr.Glitcher's castle. And I accidentally saved during the glitch.So I have to start the whole game over :(.The snipers are pretty annoying, but give a nice challenge to the game. Smash's in-game sprites and collision need some work. I think it would look better if smash was on 32x32 canvas. The Design of the enemies are kinda weird. I think they should also be animals too, considering that Smash, and Ava are animals too. Dr.Glitcher's hands are weird looking, and his face needs some pallet changes.Overall, at the moment, I'd say this game is a 6/10 experience. Needs some fine tuning, in the beginning story, graphics, and physics. But overall pretty good. I also posted this review on the facebook page for this too, just so you know.

GlassSeastar 3 weeks ago

Thanks! You can see the reply right now if you want!
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