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Smash Ringtail Cat

An evil scientist known as Dr. Glitcher has a plan to glitch up the entire planet with his multiple ultimate weapons, with one that would glitch up the entire world! Only one with the powerful bond between family and friends would have to save the world and become the ultimate glitch annihilators.Version 1.4.0 Available Now!

Game Graphics Mechanics

I thought that the game itself is pretty good, but when I saved my game before the mini boss, the health bar is not fully healed up which could be a problem if I am encountered by one of the most difficult boss fights. It does provide enough challenge to keep me going. Keep working on more improvements on the game though! So far I'm liking it!

1 month ago

Hey thanks for the feedback. The next update will make improvements on updating the graphics/backgrounds.

1 month ago

Thanks for the feedback! In tomorrow's update most of the backgrounds/graphics will be improved.

1 month ago

Thanks for the feedback! Tomorrow's update will have improved backgrounds/graphics.

4 weeks ago

Thanks for the feedback. And I know that making a game by myself is hard to do, so thanks for understanding! :)

3 weeks ago

Thanks! You can see the reply right now if you want!

3 weeks ago

Black Paradox

The Legend of Tobimaru - Alpha Demo