Octi is a platformer game in which an octopus has to reach the space ship. 

What this game contains :
20 levels 
2 secret mini games 
4 types of enemies


AtWorkOnProject 4 years ago

Game Graphics Mechanics
Needs more mechanic - enemies, special abilities, now every level is similar; needs logical puzzles
Needs something different from other games
Needs background music
Needs animation e.g. if octopus lands it should bend down - this is optional
Controls - sometimes the octopus gets stack in the middle of a block he wants to jump on
If octopus goes right / left out of screen the level is restarted, it's unexpected as only falling down would restart level

It's actually hard to say what would make this game unique as there are many other games like this one. It should have a distinct style like satirical / humorous / horror.

Antivirus test - passed

Penteliuc 4 years ago

Thank you for roast

Otozip 4 years ago

Game Graphics Controls
The game is very good! But it still has to be worked!

Penteliuc 4 years ago

Thank you for roast!

Red_Phantom_RP 4 years ago

Level Design
I agree with a lot of what "AtWorkOnProject" has said.

The level design and level variation is poor.
The graphics aren't that game either.
Yes the game needs some music, otherwise it's far too boring.
Yes the game also needs animation.
Needs animation e.g. if octopus lands it should bend down - this is optional.
If you want to improve your game you can simply improve any/many/all aspects of the game.

Penteliuc 4 years ago

Thanks you so much for your review and I will fix these issues in the next update.

DrJamgo 4 years ago

Thanks for submitting your Game.

I find the most frustrating part the controls. It is hard to execute the desired action at desired time. That is the most important thing for any platformer!
Having to repeaditly press 'jump' to 'swim' is very tiring. Consider: holding it, makes him swim upwards by himself.

Also: what is that red guys' problem?

Penteliuc 4 years ago

Hi DrJamjo, thank you for another roast! I will not make an update to repair controls, but I will make Octi 2 and this game will have a better controls and a lot of new features.
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