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Harvest the souls of those standing in your way. Wake Undead to help your Quest.You unlock more Units as you progress through the world to find the cause for your awakening.


The only Jump 'n Run where touch controls don't suck!   If you likePlattformers but you are as frustrated as me by soft-button controlls, you will enjoy Gude!Jump.Only two thumbs needed, touching anywhere left or right. touch left -> go left touch right -> go right touch right then left -> jump right Sounds crazy, but is actally very intuitive after a few jumps. It allows simple but precise movement..

Mechanics Tutorial/Learning Curve

Hi there,
it was really hard to get into the game. Even if you aim to make a hard game, there Needs to be some sort of learning Phase.
I tried 20-30 times and didnt make the first Level (Maybe I just suck)
Also I have to kill/restart the complete game to retry..
My Suggestion:
- Make first level(s) easier -> getting harder over time
- respawn when failing Level


4 years ago
Mechanics Mechanics

I could not Play your game to test it..
'nw_elf.dll' is missing

You should povide all required libraries..

4 years ago
Mechanics Game Graphics

That was fun!
+ It is really fun to Play and it gets more and more intense over time.. well done!
+ The sounds are perfect :-) .. I still hear the boink..boink in my head..
+ It is really easy to get into and understand the game..

- I found it difficult to make out the game field boundaries, it is all just stars and I dont know where the balls will bounce off..

4 years ago

This is not a Game because there is no objective.. Even for an "Idle" game it is bad.
The Image is probably owned by somebody, take care ;-)

4 years ago

Online Virus scan was positive:

You should remove the issues before uploading..

4 years ago

Thanks for submitting your Game.

I find the most frustrating part the controls. It is hard to execute the desired action at desired time. That is the most important thing for any platformer!
Having to repeaditly press 'jump' to 'swim' is very tiring. Consider: holding it, makes him swim upwards by himself.

Also: what is that red guys' problem?

4 years ago
Animation Tutorial/Learning Curve

The game is really fun at first. The Music drives you onward and you are all excited. The handmade animatiosn are Gold!
Unforunately I lost interrest after some time because I was unable o please a single animal.. 10 candy seems a lot without knowing the map, etc.
How to pickup hidden stuff in bushes (e.g. the steak) was not trivial to find out.

Points where I see improvement potential:
- smaller bits of reward/success at the beginning in a closed environment, e.g. find 1 Thing, give it to animal, proceed..
- make sure one understands the contolls/mechanics completely, before one can proceed into the "actual" game

4 years ago

Thank you very much for your Roast!
All your Points are valid and I'll condider them für my next update..
The resource for summoning are the Souls you collect, Right now it is too easy to get them I guess, so the resource is virtually Unlimited.
Thanks again.

4 years ago

Thanks for your feedback.

An audio slider seems simple and necessary.
Also I will consider binding space and 'w' to jump (as well as arrowkey group).. Its not like I am running out of keys for now ;-)

Thanks again and make sure to retest later versions..

4 years ago

Thanks for your feedback.
Did you play on Android or Windows? Can you give more information about floaty part, as it is a very important aspect of any platformer, i try to improve it.

4 years ago

Thanks for you Feedback.
I am still fine-tuning the Physics/controls and will consider your Input.. thanks!

4 years ago

Hi Marc,

thanks for your Feedback.
Regarding your 1st point: Respawn consumes a Butterfly. If you have None left, the Level is reset completely. If this mechanic was not obvious, I will have to do something About it. Thanks for the hint.

Regarding 2nd Point: In Addition to the 'walljump' (left/right away from wall and hit 'up'), a vetical 'wallclimb' will be unlocked with Level 6 ( left/right against wall and hit 'up' ). I will have to mull over it how to improve wlljump and Keep it compatible with wallclimb and mobile controls.

3 years ago

Shadō: The Minimal Snake Game