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Admiral Stępiński

2d strategy in space, you capture planets and guard lanes against enemiesDynamic tactics Turrets, shields, rockets Radar Multiplayer Co-op campaign        

PrePaladin Wars Demo

This game is already released, thank you all for feedbackFree demo is available on steam:

Game Graphics Mechanics

Needs more mechanic - enemies, special abilities, now every level is similar; needs logical puzzles
Needs something different from other games
Needs background music
Needs animation e.g. if octopus lands it should bend down - this is optional
Controls - sometimes the octopus gets stack in the middle of a block he wants to jump on
If octopus goes right / left out of screen the level is restarted, it's unexpected as only falling down would restart level

It's actually hard to say what would make this game unique as there are many other games like this one. It should have a distinct style like satirical / humorous / horror.

Antivirus test - passed

4 years ago

Got it, actually what I understood is you suggest godrays and more volumetric lighting
I'll amp up godrays, thanks!

2 years ago

The site link doesn't work...
No problem but keep in mind that I plan to convert these 2 levels into demo on steam with full version costing about $8; so please mark it as a demo or "fully playable two levels" so that players don't get tricked thinking it's a full version

2 years ago

generally, cool dynamic game with jetpack

menu: made by KINJALK is hardly visible (black rock in the background)
no music
good left tips
game starts in lower resolution than I have (I have 1920x1080)
good weapon overheat animation
I don't know what dots on upper radar are
bullets of enemies could be slower (it's hard to dodge them)
auto ascending stairs is needed
I couldn't crouch to get to the shooting turret after stairs - then I found it's c
give jetpack straight away - it's your competive advantage, it's super cool
hacks - standing after corner so that enemies would hit corner; switching weapon instead of reloading (I don't know if it was intended)
no menu on esc
I couldn't find the last enemy after reaching second location

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2 years ago

you need to add download link, there is no download link

2 years ago

main menu music - cool
tutorial - too much text to little images
when people start comming, I don't know what to do (to click them or not)
in start of day dialog there should be recommended price, some indications of how much there should be
there should be more feedback (what quality of bread you have, what quality of wheat you have etc)
every time I click next day nobody buys (price of bread is 0.1)
there should be option to skip the people scene
beautiful UI

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2 years ago

nice 3d menu
music would be nice addition
I could create one rocket launcher - increase price and budget
money and time is hidden after weapon icons
I couldn't buy anything for 3 waves - decrease cost of turrets
nice blur during exit menu

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2 years ago

there should be lives, it's hard if you die after 1 lost life
I failed to stop the battleship on easy -> decrease difficulty
the scrap should give bonusses earlier, I collected 28 and had none
my wing got destroyed, I didn't know what that meant
graphics could be better (with shadows) / or pixel art with more candy colors

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2 years ago

Sure, no problem

2 years ago

this version might be buggy though, the newest one is on steam and it will be probably updated in a few months

2 years ago

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