Heroes vs Skulls


A cooperative FPS. No account necessary. Just download, then create or join a room.

Battle the Skulls as they increase in speed and numbers.

Your rate of fire increases every wave! It starts slowly, but gets insane.

Up to 4 players per room. Max of 50 players on the matchmaking server :(

Can also be played as a single player game.

Standard controls, left mouse to shoot, shift to sprint, space to jump.

All dead players are revived as long as one player can kill all the tictacs in the wave.

Health spawns at fixed spots on the map. They are easy to find, just look for the giant green beacon.

When tictacs die they drop ammunition. Share this with your freinds as you don't want to run out.

The UI needs alot of work. You can see your health of the left side of the screen in very small writing. Ammo also. Not ideal I know.

There is currently no sound... I have made all this in the last 2 weeks :)

expect major bugs, especially with the networking. but it is stable enough to have good games as long as people dont leave and join like crazy.

Still working on a title as well.

Have fun playing and please let me know what you think :)


Daniel Griffin

-Network gun graphic fix.


yoshizzle 2 weeks ago

Controls Level Design
I soloed to level 15+. Can get hectic but the gun speed "upgrades" help. I like to low poly style. Going into the grey-colored bridges/paths are a death sentence. The roast:

- I got kicked out of the game once after a few seconds on wave 1.
- "Yes" on the quit dialogue box doesn't work sometimes.
- I figured out a way to jump on the wall and became untouchable.
- Enemies get stuck behind trees.
- Health spawns are a bit too high; I ran under one like 5 times on 10 hp while being chased by a horde.
- Sprint OP.; enemies can't touch you. Endless kiting is an issue.

Aside from the bugs, everything in the game is fine, even the simple/creepy look of tictacs. More features is all you need really to make this an amazing game! Tictacs that join together into a giant tictac boss? Bodies don't disappear on death so you can use as a wall? Tictacs that fight other tictacs? The possibilities are endless.
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