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Game Graphics Mechanics

Here's a breakdown of what I think:

The graphics were simple but worked well with the style of the game - the low-polygon cartoons created a very playful atmosphere.
The sound effects were pretty good, but the lack of sound controls was frustrating because the music was way too loud.
Gameplay was mediocre, nothing too special. The hitboxes were atrocious and the pellets went straight through the enemies most of the time.
Walking felt useless because you could just hold the Shift button down the entire time to move quickly.
I was able to climb on top of a tree and avoid being hurt by the enemies (but still couldn't hit any of them because of the hitboxes).
The lack of control options was infuriating - how am I supposed to adjust my in-game sensitivity or find out the control scheme?

I would suggest that you fix the way the game 'feels' before moving on -the movement, the shooting, the hitboxes.

1 year ago
Mechanics Game Graphics

Wow, that was a really fun game to play. The mechanics were something completely unusual, unique and very well-crafted. The only game that requires the player, rather than the developer, to fix it. The attention to detail (computer CDs especially) was a phenomenal idea. Would love to see some classic CDs as easter eggs (Doom, music CDs, etc). The upside-down level was annoying to play though, very frustrating having to use the file explorer upside-down, had to use my stream view to navigate.

The artwork was very good; some parts were exceptionally well drawn while others were a little amateur. The combination of art styles and skills fit very well with the theme of the game. My only complaint is the overabundance of visual glitches - it was cool to see an occasional artifact but when they occur too often it hurts my eyes and doesn't make for a very pleasant experience.

The music & sound design was exceptional! The music muffling effect when alt-tabbed and the glitch intensity when Ctrl+Alt+DELing was an amazing detail.

Overall, this game is very unique and fun to play. Unlike any other "hacking" games I've played before.
Fantastic game, good work!

1 year ago
Game Graphics Tutorial/Learning Curve

Your game is very visually appealing, and appears very professional from the start. I'm a sucker for this aesthetic, but was a bit skeptical about the game because I really didn't enjoy Hotline Miami, which hits similar notes in that aspect. However, I was pleasantly surprised and played for over an hour. Here is what I think:

Beautiful graphics, simply outstanding; nothing to complain about or roast on that front.
The soundtrack and SFX were on par with the graphics - stunningly fitting and energetic soundtrack.
I did not like having to go through a loading menu every time I wanted to go to buy something - it's a Unity game, how hard could it be to integrate the garage into the gameplay? Having to load back and forth every time sucked, especially when checking the changes to the upgrade list when I had enough points.
Also, the difficulty curve was atrocious and was nearly impossible to get to the first boss without spending an hour of gameplay and grinding upgrades. Even with the fun gameplay, the screen sometimes fills up with attacks that appear to be near impossible to avoid. The difficulty is very inconsistent and some enemies and significantly harder to deal with than others, making every playthrough a roll of the dice on whether you will get a smooth transition into bullet hell or an immediate clusterfuck.

Aside from the issues I've mentioned above I have almost no complaints - the game is polished as hell and is definitely worth some money.
I will follow the development of the game and definitely purchase it if it is within my budget for such a game.

1 year ago