It's Raining Zombies


It's Raining Zombies is a (now abandoned) top down shooter written in Unity. You fight waves of zombies that rain down from the sky.

Worked on from 2010 - 2011, this was my first almost-completed Unity game. The game started as a futureistic maze shooter with block characters and progressed to zombies in a sandbox town.

This version features many changes.

  • Users can now choose from 4 different characters, two that are unlockable. Each of the characters have their own set of special abilities that change the game play.
  • Game textures have been improved massively.
  • UI graphics have improved.
  • Added particle systems when enemies are hit.
  • Made the zombies explode when killed.

There will be no more progress updates as developement on It's Raining Zombies has stopped.


orionmamajama1 8 years ago

Animation Game Graphics
Looks like a cool game, it's a shame that you didn't continue working on it. Reminds me of a top down shooter version of Minecraft.

I think you've got the animation of the zombies down perfect. Some of the building textures look a bit blurry. I also liked the bloody explosion that comes up when hitting zombies but it may be a bit too bright and could be toned down.

InvadeTech 4 years ago

Love your thumbnail. Boxy is queen forever.

Jahames 8 years ago

Physics Game Graphics
It looks like Box Zombie Shooters, one of my favorite flash games.

Some of those textures like a little blurry, and there are moments when it appears to be lagging.

sinisterporpoise 5 years ago

Level Design Level Design
I personally love the idea that the enemies are literally raiing down fro the sky, but I think the zombie genre has been greatly played out. I'm glad you decided to go on to something else.

CaveDave 4 years ago

Mechanics Mechanics
With some simple and clear defined mechanics this could be pretty cool!

Berneons 4 years ago

Game Graphics Level Design
Why am I scared to play this game, lol? :D

Jaysmito101 3 years ago

Mechanics Game Graphics
Great game nothing much to roast!

PakistaniGammer 3 years ago

Game Graphics
I like this horror thrilling zombies game and i am sacring when i was playing this zombies game...........
Roast Em