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Smash Drift: Cop Chase

With its fast phased gameplay quickly start and try to avoid all police and use your special powers to outrun them. Release your finger to use your special powers.   Rocket

Mechanics Animation

I don't have much to say but there is nearly no movement in the screen other than scrolling level and the player.

1 - Add screen shakes when hitting a wall or collecting an item
2 - Add collision and collecting particles, maybe a trail on the back of the player.
3 - Add more traps other than spikes and saws.
4 - Platforms might wobble a bit when you land on them.
5 - UI animations for the menu
6 - Add a separate soundtrack for the menu.

Although, it's a great game. I just wanted to say the gameplay is boring and repetitive in its current state.
Good luck!

2 weeks ago

Smash Drift: Cop Chase