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Gravity Swap

Challenge yourself as you fly through the dangers that Gravity Swap throws at you.Rise to the top in Endless mode or hone your skills in Challenge Mode. Play with only one touch and see how far you can go!   We need feedback so we can tweek the game, a few people have said it is too difficult but that was point! Had to put the download link from Google Play as the the APK is 26MB and this website won't upload APKs larger than 20MB!

Game Graphics Controls

Really nice looking game with good challenges. Sometimes it can be easy to miss click though!

3 years ago

Just wanted to take the time to thank you for your reply!
We have been asking around everywhere for good feedback to help us improve and no one has been useful at all until this post!
I will make sure that some of these suggestions are are put in asap :) Thank you again!

3 years ago

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