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Pokemon ASCII Battle Game!

Choose your Character & Start your journey: Use Pikachu, Charizard, and Eevee all the way up to rare legendaries Zapdos, Mew and Mewtwo---all in full HD text-art glory! Fight using over 300 attacks in intense 1-on-1 battles with full sounds effects for every attack move---Fire, Water, Electric, Psychic and more types to unlock and explore. BONUSES INCLUDED: Source Code (C#), so anyone and everyone can to build their own text-art battle game! Over 300 Sound Effects---Gen I to Gen V cries and attack SFX! Pokémon ASCII Text-Art Collection, an exclusive master-set of all Pokémon ascii art up to Gen V---want 18 unique Pikachu in cute text-art form? Got it! Watch Play-through Gameplay VideosDownload Pokemon Sound Effects Collection:

ALPHAS: Survive the Swarm!

Use Flamethrowers, Lasers, Shotguns and more across five deadly levels to end your hunt against the Sentinel Queen! (Dead Ops Arcade style Shooter) (1 - 2 Players) (PC - Windows)   BONUS CONTENT INCLUDED: Source Code (C#) and scripts to see how the game was made. 3D Models for the community to warp & modify. Textures & Particle FX to use in your own projects. Music and Sound Effects to enhance and remix.   Developed in Microsoft XNA Studio by The A. Team: Adam Graham, Jonanne Kus, Brandon Bell, Greg Mladucky, Michael Williams   ALPHAS Survive the Swarm! created in XNA Game Studio. Top-down Twin-stick Shoot'em Up Game inspired by Dead Ops Arcade from Call of Duty Black Ops. All 3D Models and Textures are owned by 343 Industries & Microsoft.

iStyle Avatar Maker

Play Online at or Download Windows PC VersionThe ultimate Avatar builder, featuring hairstyles, accessories, emotions, clothing and new color swapping.    Download & save your avatars right away in the browser! Also get all art sets with the Portable Standalone version for Windows PC.     This is an Unity-powered expansion of the character generator by Pablo Stanley and Fang-Pen Lin with new features and art. (Free for commercial and personal use).   Share your style with @iStyleAvatars on Twitter or Email

Level Design Game Graphics

Smooth experience, plays like an abstracted infinite runner although I feel I'm fare less in danger due to being a square. The primary obstacle/enemy is often just speed when surviving far into the game. Generally a good average game beat the high score. Suggestion below will make the game more Unique as oppose to just "good".

Improvement On Graphics:

1) TARGET: Appearance of play, level hazards, collectibles and interactive elements rarely change. Does every single ground hazard have to be a triangle? You can change the sprite every score ranks/minutes, to provide variety. After 15 minutes, I'm tired of triangles and squares. Changing the art at critical moments can be a subtle reward for the player.

1) DESIGN SOLUTION : Please see a game called ICY TOWER, it's a high-score survival game just like this, where they change the art while keeping the mechanics relatively the same. You can brag to friends that you survived to the Ice Zone, because reaching that Art Style means you lasted past 5000 points / 20 minutes-----it's a satisfying reward that the world changes.

2) TARGET: The interactive items & player should also vary more than this. If I've survived for 30 minutes, I'd be expected to pick up Gold glowing keys, as an example. When I first see the key, I know it's important, however when as an Important Item, I never feel like "I WANT that shiny KEY!". Instead it's just a passive pickup along a level, that never change form or shape. This include the player as a square. The boundary of the player may not be able to change, however other elements of your appearance can change as you advance, to make me feel more special for surviving.

a) THE KEY/ITEMS: Make me want it! Give it a glow, change it's color as you go along, give it sparks, give it an effects trail sometimes, make it a double-golden key! Keys come in all manner of shapes in real life too!
b) THE PLAYER: Make me change over time. Give me a new effects trail, change my square color, let my square have a face, give my square an inner glow and outer glow. Make me want to survive to get the electric abstract particles behind me and a neon two-color square. The player is the most interactive and long-lasting thing in the entire game, shouldn't I change & evolve even subtlety over time as I progress??
c) INTERACTIVE: Apply the above Progressive Variance concept to other art where possible. For example with the ghost-art: it could be a two-headed ghost sometimes; a small ghost inside a big ghost; it can be a ghost with fangs where is X face is. I'm unsure why there is a ghost in a world of abstract non-living shapes, but since real-life people are familiar with the concept of a ghost in games, stretch their imagination.

1 year ago

You're welcome, and good luck!

1 year ago

Thanks G3ronimo for playing! The Tutorial tells players there are no effects, weaknesses or type advantages. It's entended.

This is mean't to be a core slice of the experience from the Gameboy games----attacking, damaging, dozen of Pokemon and plenty of sounds/sights from the original series. Adding in every single mechanic from the games is over-scoping---otherwise people can just go to an emulator.

"Sound bring back some memories"---Yes! That's the goal---a slice of nostalgia.

1 year ago

@JasDevelop, all the ASCII art is included in the Download! I created the attack ASCII and Maija created the Pokemon.

You'll have to download to get the full experience and see how the player progresses. That's is core gameplay trailer, play-by-play is the aim. The player does level up! You'll have to try it out to see the progression. It's no installation, just download then lauch & play----it's an .exe game, so a web hosted version is out of scope to completely reprogram.

Thanks for your feedback based on the video.

1 year ago

Thanks G3, that's an good idea for when I do another major update. There's the original 151 Pokemon in the game from Gen I---when adding Gen II some new mechanics will have to come into play with more characters.

1 year ago

Thank PacketPirate for playing! Happy to see you enjoyed the flow, weapons and art style.

We really focused on polishing those core elements, greatly paid off. You're right the UI could us much more love. I like your idea of moving certain elements around---would have to ensure it doesn't block sight of enemies in other areas of the screen.

PM me when your top-down game is done, I'll glady return the favor in feedback.

1 year ago
Tutorial/Learning Curve Mechanics

You have all the ingredients of a top-down shooter; a high focus on functionality. New ideas, polish & tweaks should be easier with core functions working. The progression was fine to me, as new enemies were introduced at what seemed to be every two waves. It's a Functioning Top-down Shooter not a Unique top-down shooter---you'll have to find your groove as you polish.

1) Simplify Weapon Switching - Pressing numbers 1 to 9 is not intuitive as shooting game. Weapon Cycling is much more common, utilizing the UI efficiently and one/two buttons instead.

For example: Press Q to go to Previous weapon and W to Next Weapon. Your Currently Active weapon is shown in the UI as you have it with an ammo meter---however on the left of the active weapon photo add the weapon picture of your previous in-line weapon, then on the right of the ammo counter, add the next weapon in your line-up/inventory.

2) Per-Weapon Upgrades - Some weapons feel under-powered or their accuracy is questionable---there is also not much variety. Small Weapons Upgrades is a way to stretch your current set of weapons without adding more.

For Example: Upgrade the Pistol for a Red-Dot sight that helps your eyes in aiming. Upgrade your Shotgun with a Flash Detector so your flashlight glow turns ready when an enemy is in range. Upgrade your Bow to shoot two arrows/three arrows/fire arrows/fast charging/poison dipped arrows. And so on. Adding any of these would help make the weapons more impactful, fun to use and worth trying out different guns.

1 year ago

Thanks, I've left my feedback on your game! I'll continue to look out for your updates.

1 year ago

Glad to hear you have new developments in the pipeline! I should have typed "Enemy Detector": your flashlight would turn red any time an enemy is in optimal range with your shotgun. It is a spread-shot weapon so there is a certain mid-range where you'll do max/best damage.

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare has this as you upgrade your shotgun----enemies barely outside of range will face minimal damage which may be hard for players to measure mentally. So instead your has a Line of Sight flasher on one of the shotgun that turns red if an enemy is mid-range for best damage.

1 year ago

Thanks for playing NebulateMe! The game comes with all the ASCII art included, so anyone is free to try to build their own text-based adventure story game out of them. You can also get the full set of 3200 Pokemon Sound Effects for free:

9 months ago

Pokemon ASCII Battle Game!

ALPHAS: Survive the Swarm!