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Hello guys, first game like many of you, if you get to play it,Roast my game 

Play mode: Runner with action Buttons

Get in to the action, Run, jump and slide in this adventure while using basic element spells like radiant fire, Ice and bubble float.

- Fire & Ice to destroy objects in your way
- Bubble to float and get further while falling.

Go through 28 levels and prove your skills. 
Make your way through the forest, beach, desert, snow and a graveyard to find the gems and the responsible of take them.
Get to the checkpoint or clear the area in order to pass to the next level as required.


majiho 11 months ago

Level Design Tutorial/Learning Curve
It's a nice platform game with simple controls. I enjoyed the game. Well done on the level design.

One thing I did not understand is the coin colour.
One is bright and when collecting them, my coin score goes up.
The other coin, dark one when I collect them, my coin score goes down.
Do I need to collect only the bright coins to increase my score?

I think the game would be even better with some simple sound effects like the jump and the coin.

I liked the concept of fire and ice and having to hit the right button to destroy obstacles.

deeveig 11 months ago

Yes good point, I think i need to explain that copper coin (dark) should not be touched, or even better remove the copper coin image and put something more

I will look for more cool sound effects.

Thank you so much for your comments,

noampz 11 months ago

Level Design Game Graphics
I enjoy playing it.
One thing, even though it looks like an old game, I think you should improve the graphic a bit (e.g., the fire animation) + add sound effects.

deeveig 11 months ago

Yea,I like your observation, I get what you mean, I will put more work on them.

Thank you for your inputs,
Roast Em

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