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King Of Beats

King Of Beats is a fun game that creates a level from the sound beats. The songs are provided by Spotify, and a premium account is required. Just put your headphones on and play with the rhythm. Your goal is to get the highest score possible by not touching the level's borders. The harder the level, the more points earned. If you don't touch the borders for a short time, some coins will randomly appear. Each coin is worth 5 points. After the song has finished, the summary section will be displayed. The summary includes global and friends leaderboards. You must log in to Facebook in order to place in the leaderboard. You can also challenge friends and send them a direct link by Whatsapp or Facebook to launch the game with a specific song. The home screen contains the top 20 most popular songs that users have played lately and a quick link to your last 20 songs.

Level Design Game Graphics

I enjoy playing it.
One thing, even though it looks like an old game, I think you should improve the graphic a bit (e.g., the fire animation) + add sound effects.

2 years ago

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