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Fury FI

Hello guys, first game like many of you, if you get to play it,Roast my game Play mode: Runner with action ButtonsGet in to the action, Run, jump and slide in this adventure while using basic element spells like radiant fire, Ice and bubble float.- Fire & Ice to destroy objects in your way- Bubble to float and get further while falling.Go through 28 levels and prove your skills. Make your way through the forest, beach, desert, snow and a graveyard to find the gems and the responsible of take them.Get to the checkpoint or clear the area in order to pass to the next level as required.

Angry Colors

Match Colors to destroy Angry Colors.Select color and launch an attack to the enemy, but be aware if launched attack does not match with enemy, angry color will counter attack directly and the mother-ship as well.Activate Fire throwers and destroy canon bullets from mother-ship.Put yourself to test your coordination, reflexes and patience to overcome this invasion.Game mode- Happy: Fight against 2 colors- Serious: Fight against 3 colors- Angry: Fight against 4 colors- Survive: How long can you survive a super Angry colors attack- Immortal: No damage taken except for the boss

Love to candy

Get the candies, dodge the pumpkins, save the girl and conquer her heart or keep trying.Easy to play hard to conquer.

Boom no dash

Tap, drag and boom.Destroy all running cubes on screen before they get out of it, do your best to see how far you can go.

Oblidat Souls

Hard game to overcome.A condemned soul confined in a castle along with creatures as keepers. From the depths of the castle survive and escape deadly traps, enemies that will burn you, pulverize you and make you bleed before you reach salvation. Race against time and use your wits and skills to survive, find the whereabouts of your brother and seal the gates forever.   "Wont die but will suffer".

Game Graphics Tutorial/Learning Curve

I really like the game graphics, those neon colors make the game looks cool,
I share my opinion about the music being a bit irritating along with the machine gun sound.

Machine gun feels slow if there where more bullets and if they where faster that will mean more destruction and more fun and that also applies to the other locked guns,

The moment I really enjoy te game is is when you are transformed in to that meteor shape , there is to much speed and destruction.

1 year ago

Yes good point, I think i need to explain that copper coin (dark) should not be touched, or even better remove the copper coin image and put something more

I will look for more cool sound effects.

Thank you so much for your comments,

1 year ago

That would be nice, endless mode,
also one more thing, I just got to see the reward video (to continue), did not see any interstitial.

1 year ago

Yea,I like your observation, I get what you mean, I will put more work on them.

Thank you for your inputs,

1 year ago
Level Design Animation

I really was amazed by the concept of the game, path created with rhythm and also good music to play with it.

Just one thing, my fisrt thought by looking the game picture was flappy bird, maybe adding something else that reflects music and party will make it look greater.

1 year ago

Thanks for roast,
This was something I wanted to make for Valentines Day, something related to the other comment you did, I agree level design should be improved not so plain and different player movements and of course background.


1 year ago

Good point about the mechanics, I'll go slowly. Graphics major updates but necessary to improve.
Thank you so much for your advice, got to many things to update.

5 months ago

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