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Meteor Hit

This is a game I worked on solo and it took me 6 months over 2 years!It is a minimalist fast paced vertical space shooter with retro gfx.The gameplay is very focused on the player skills over collecting upgrade/weapons to improve spaceships.It is not all about asteroids, you will come across various levels with differents style.Your dodging skills will be put to the test!Feedback welcome.Google Play:

Game Graphics


I installed your game but it crashed straight upon launching from the play store link.
You should have received a crash report by email.
However, launching from the home screen worked fine.

- The graphics of the track look good and remind me of zero on n64.
- I found the ship more controllable using touch input instead of tilt.
- Is it possible to give the player a chance to resume when it lost either via life or watch ad? Having to restart from the beginning is hard.
- Can the initial speed be increased? It feel like a bit slow even though it gets faster later.
- Any power ups that can be added on the track? Like a boost to speed up the ship?
- Since the game display ads, should a consent screen be presented to the player especially with regards to GDPR privacy policy for EU players?

That is all from my initial review.
Hope you will find it useful and good luck with your game.

1 week ago

Thanks for your feedback.
Yes I agree with the music. I find it very repetitive myself and not varied at all. I will try to work on it.
When would you say the upgrade should be made available?
Did you find the game difficult at all?

1 day ago

Thanks for the advice. Will add more stars in the 1st level or lower the stars required for the first upgrade.
As for the blocks that block the stars drop, only the Boomerang ship can reach them.

1 day ago

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