Hello guys, first game like many of you, if you get to play it,Roast my game 

Play mode: Runner with action Buttons

Get in to the action, Run, jump and slide in this adventure while using basic element spells like radiant fire, Ice and bubble float.

- Fire & Ice to destroy objects in your way
- Bubble to float and get further while falling.

Go through 28 levels and prove your skills. 
Make your way through the forest, beach, desert, snow and a graveyard to find the gems and the responsible of take them.
Get to the checkpoint or clear the area in order to pass to the next level as required.


majiho 5 months ago

Level Design Tutorial/Learning Curve
It's a nice platform game with simple controls. I enjoyed the game. Well done on the level design.

One thing I did not understand is the coin colour.
One is bright and when collecting them, my coin score goes up.
The other coin, dark one when I collect them, my coin score goes down.
Do I need to collect only the bright coins to increase my score?

I think the game would be even better with some simple sound effects like the jump and the coin.

I liked the concept of fire and ice and having to hit the right button to destroy obstacles.

deeveig 5 months ago

Yes good point, I think i need to explain that copper coin (dark) should not be touched, or even better remove the copper coin image and put something more

I will look for more cool sound effects.

Thank you so much for your comments,

noampz 5 months ago

Level Design Game Graphics
I enjoy playing it.
One thing, even though it looks like an old game, I think you should improve the graphic a bit (e.g., the fire animation) + add sound effects.

deeveig 5 months ago

Yea,I like your observation, I get what you mean, I will put more work on them.

Thank you for your inputs,
Roast Em

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